Istanbul: a timeless city. The Sustainable European Tour day 2

Sometimes, when you have too many expectations from a city, country or anything is most likely that they won’t be satisfied. It already happened to me, with other cities I’ve visited, that the reality was always below the expectations. Istanbul, on the other hand, didn’t break my expectations. It surprised me. With 15 Million of […]

Istanbul: the access door of Europe. The Sustainable European Tour, Day 1

Ready, set and go The European Sustainable Tour is finally started. I’ll pass through the Europe starting from one of its main entrance door: Istanbul. This backpack, with its 12 kg, will be my house and my only companion for all the trip. During the Tour, I will post a daily updated travel journal. Extimated […]

From Istanbul to Paris: The European Sustainable Tour

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. To promote this event I just launched my new project: A European Sustainable Tour, from Istanbul to Paris To be full green, I will set a maximum limit of CO2 to not overtake. I will analyze the emission of every single transport (bus, […]