Best Fish ‘n Chips in Dublin

According to TripAdvisor, the best two Fish ‘n Chips in Dublin are very different but at same time they share some common point. First of all the name, or better a part of it.

After reading tons of reviews of travelers and of locals, I was oriented to try this two places, the first (and more popular one) is Beshoff’s in O’Connel street. If you know a bit Dublin, you should know that the popularity is due mostly from the position. Because it’s in the city centre and it has plenty of space where to seat and enjoy your meal looking at the caotic life of the capital from the windows.  If you take in account the position of the restaurant the prices are in the average. The quality it’s medium due to the large quantity of meals they have to prepare everyday. A standard Fish ‘n Chips menu is starting from 10 euro per person, at least.


The second one is Beshoff Bros, the one I choose is the one located in Howth, but there are other 4 stores,  one of them is also in the city centre. Here we’re changing kind of restaurant. In fact, we are moving from a classic restaurant with many seat to a classic take away/fast food place. So you enter you make your order, you collect it and you take it home or you can decide to enjoy it with an extraordinary view of the Irish sea, in one of the bench in front of the store. There’s a good price/quality ratio, you can get a 2 people meal deal for just 14,90 Euro. It means 7,50 for person. Not bad. The quality is a bit higher than the adverage expecially if you go there during not busy hours, you’ll get one of the best fish ‘n chips you ever had!


The winner is:

Beshoff Bros in Howth

I prefer this one for a couple of reasons:

  • It doesn’t look like the classic touristic place with menu for tourists and low quality products.
  • It is cheaper than the average, and you can have a full, good meal with 10 euro or less.
  • Howth, having a fish ‘n chips there, enjoying the view of the Irish sea (during Spring or Summer, it would better) it is really an amazing experience.

N.B Be careful the seagulls are really gluttonous of Fish ‘n Chips


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