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The Sustainable European Tour: green is the new black. Final Report

 The Sustainable European Tour is over from two weeks. I took some time to write this final report/reflection, I wanted to analyse and elaborate all the data properly. After doing the final balance, I am proud to announce that: The Sustainable European Tour has been a success.  Crossing Europe using just Sustainable transport is possible. I […]

The Sustainable European Tour

Paris: Mission completed. The Sustainable Tour, day 11.

Paris, France 27/08/2017 I’m leaving Milan at the first lights of the day, the last train of this tour is waiting for me at the train station at 6 am, it will bring me to Paris. The view from the huge window is really suggestive: the train is crossing first Italian plain, passing through The […]

Milan: a golden city. The Sustainable European Tour, day 10.

Milan, Italy 26/08/2017 Arrived in Milan, I found an, almost, empty city. Empty of its residents, but with a good quantity of tourists. The city, even in August, look efficient and precise. Two of the aspect that made Milan the economic center of the country. But, at the same time, one of the most polluted […]

Capo Vaticano/Calabria: a sea of wasted opportunities. The Sustainable European Tour, day 9.

24-25/08/2017 Calabria, Italia I’m again on the road. After one day of break, the tour is restarting with one of its the longest sections. From Capo Vaticano (Calabria, south of Italy) I will travel to Milan, 8 hours, 1200 km all by train. I’m restarting from my region, Calabria, where I stopped two days to […]

Half way. The Sustainable European Tour, day 8

1815 km done, 2040 left. 8 days of the tour of which more than 40 hours spent traveling. #TheSustainableEuropeanTour is at half of its way. Discover the travel journal, from day 1 to 7 here: https://goo.gl/1E8TGe Don’t miss, tomorrow, the day 9! A small photo gallery of the last days:

Bari: Italian welcome. The Sustainable European Tour, day 7.

Delays, lines, neverending boarding and a sleepless night. The trip from Bar to Bari was my first time with a medium-range ferry, and it was traumatic. I would like to resume, in this way, my last experience with the ferry Dubrovnik of the company Jadrolinija. A trip that was supposed to last “only” 10 hours […]

Bar: Beautiful and unexpected sunset. The Sustainable European Tour, day 6.

Bar, Montenegro 21/08/2017 I’m leaving Skopje at 19, of Sunday evening. Inside the bus, just me and the driver. Not the ideal situation for a Sustainable travel. During the night, we head to the south of Macedonia, from where we cross the border of Albania, then we follow up the coast, the sunrise welcomes us […]

Skopje: the city of the thousands statues. The Sustainable European Tour, day 5

Skopje, Macedonia 19-20/08/2017 I’m on the last km of the 250 km that there are between Sofia and Skopje, this autobus looks like he saw better days. But, for 14€ and a trip of 4 hours, it’s good enough. It is, surprisingly, full of young tourists. When the bus arrives at the central bus station isn’t […]

Sofia: a nice rediscovery. The Sustainable European Tour, day 4.

565 km, this is the distance between Istanbul and Sofia. The Bosforo Express will bring me, just for one day, back in the European Union. Departure time: 21:30, Arrival Time: ? Undefined. After all these are still the Balkans. The ticket, that I bought in the morning (no online ticketing), is saying 4 people sleeping […]

See you soon Turkey: Next destination Sofia! The Sustainable European Tour Day 3

18/08/2017 It’s time to leave Turkey and Istanbul, the Sustainable European Tour must go on. The Bosforo Express will bring me, during the night,to Sofia. I’m leaving behind a mix of cultures and traditions, the Galata Bridge is where the conservative and the “European” or Occidental culture mix. For this reason, I decided to wait […]

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