Bar: Beautiful and unexpected sunset. The Sustainable European Tour, day 6.

Bar, Montenegro 21/08/2017

I’m leaving Skopje at 19, of Sunday evening. Inside the bus, just me and the driver. Not the ideal situation for a Sustainable travel. During the night, we head to the south of Macedonia, from where we cross the border of Albania, then we follow up the coast, the sunrise welcomes us in Montenegro. I arrive in Bar at 6:15, the scheduled arrival time was 5:30 (We are still in the Balkans cit.). Little change of plans, I missed the coincidence to Dubrovnik (Croatia) and I’ve to improvisate a stay in Bar, a small port city on the coast of Montenegro. The ferry, that will bring me back to Italy, is leaving at 22. The city, at the first lights of the day, is empty. During the morning, local tourists start to fill the bars on the promenade. After lunch, the city is literally invaded by Italians, at the end of their holidays. I spent all day long, relaxing, on the beach. Before to walk toward the port, the Balkan coast impresses me with a last, stunning sunset.

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