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Welcome to The Sustainable Tour collaboration section. We are a digital media project committed to the promotion of sustainable and intelligent tourism. Launched in 2016, our project has experienced rapid growth, and numerous collaborations and events have enriched our journey.

Our motto, “Life is a journey, make it Sustainable,” encapsulates our mission and brand identity. We strive to research and promote an innovative, sustainable way of living and travelling.

We’ve been privileged to work with some of the most forward-thinking and sustainable brands worldwide. Below are some collaborations we’re particularly proud of:

Tech Collaborations

We’ve partnered with tech leaders like Huawei Mobile and Insta 360, integrating their cutting-edge technology into our platform and enhancing the travel experiences of our audience.

Travel Partnerships

Our collaborations with travel companies such as WeRoad and Indie Campers have simplified travel planning and opened up new, exciting destinations for our followers.

Travel Financial Services

We’ve teamed up with innovative financial services providers like Revolut and N26, helping travellers manage their finances smoothly and securely during their journeys.

Travel Insurance

Understanding the importance of safety during travel, we’ve collaborated with SafetyWing, a leader in providing reliable and comprehensive travel insurance. This collaboration helps our audience ensure their trips are secure and protected.

Accommodation Collaborations

We’ve joined hands with various accommodation providers, including some of the biggest hostel chains around the world such as A&O Hostels and Hi Hostels USA. The goal? To provide our audience with comfortable and affordable stays during their travels.

Equipment Brands

We’ve also collaborated with top equipment brands like TropicFeel and Salewa, offering our audience high-quality, durable, and travel-friendly gear for their adventures.

Previous Collaborations

In the past, we’ve successfully collaborated with various hotels, hostels, and travel gear companies. Some notable partnerships include:

  • Hotels like: Babel Guesthouse, The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, Stadthalle Wien.
  • Hostels such as Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, Chillout Hostel, Overstay Hostel, Hanchi Hostel, and Skopje City Hostel.
  • Travel gear brands include Travelers WIFI, Pamu Scroll Headphones, and Lizard Urban Kross Shoes.
  • Backpack brands like Wayks ONE, GroundTruth Global, Arcido Bag and Cabin Max​​


We are always eager to form new and exciting collaborations. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please contact us at info@thesustainabletour.com​​.

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