Insta 360 GO2 Review: the Travel Camera

Since 2015, when I started documenting in a detailed way my travel adventures, I have been looking for a camera that would allow me to do not miss any crucial moment but at the same time that wouldn’t impact the weight of my backpack, but most importantly that would allow my to discover the cities hands-free and without carrying some bulk pieces of equipment in my hands (being spotted from miles away). At the end of this crazy 2021, after Insta 360 gave me the opportunity to test their newest Insta 360 GO2 I guess I finally found what I have been looking for. Here you can find a fast review of the Insta GO2 from a travel photographer and content creator point of view. Will it become your new travel camera?

Ready? Let’s go!

insta 360 go2 review

Insta 360 GO2 Review

Design 4,5/5

Let’s start this Insta GO2 review from its design, one of the most revolutionary aspects of this camera. Inside the cover, the Insta GO2 has basically the size of a pair of AirPods. So basically you can keep it in your pocket and almost forgot you are carrying it, as it weighs only 27g and the case 65g when together less than 100 g. The case contains a battery that recharges your camera, a handy tripod-style system, a small screen with some basic data on the camera (such as battery level, memory, and the current recording mode), and finally a classic tripod mount on the bottom.

The Insta 360 GO2 is also waterproof, thanks to the certification IPX8 it can go up to 4m underwater.

Versatility/Accessories 5/5

insta 360 go2 review

The killer feature of the Insta 360 GO2 is indeed its versatility. The compact dimension, the great variety of video modes, and the very smart accessories will allow you to attach it anywhere and explore angles and points of view you never imagined before!

Inside the box you get 3 mounts:

  • The Pendant, a magnetic necklace that holds the Insta360 GO2 super firmly everywhere, even underwater. I have been using it while snorkeling or hiking without problems. You can wear the pendant under your t-shirt and attach it to your chest to get some POV footage.
  • The Easy Clip has a strong gripper that holds the camera with a magnet and can be attached to caps or backpack straps.
  • The Pivot Stand provides an adhesive back that can be stuck to whatever you like (such as car glass, or any linear surface). Perfect for road trips or for incredible upside-down shots.

Moreover, on the website of Insta 360 but also online you can find a great variety of accessories for any kind of need. You can even convert the mount to a classic GoPro mount to re-use some accessories (sustainability first).

Photo and Video Quality 4/5

Let’s keep it short. Despite the small sensor the Insta 360 GO2 provides a photo and video quality that in normal light conditions are more than similar to the ones of the more famous (and bigger) action camera. In an ideal light condition on the outside, the quality is pretty similar to a GoPro Hero Black 9. But the versatility?

If you are aiming to get a travel camera, I believe that in hard to find anything with this versatility and quality. The dynamic range is pretty good and the colors are natural and realistic.

Of course, the are some negative aspects. The videos are mainly 1080 so no 2k or 4k support. Moreover, I would improve also the quality of the photos.

One of the aspects that surprised me a lot is the video stabilization and the horizontal lock. Here a sample video of a crazy adventure in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan.

Audio & Battery 4/5

It is good for recording travel videos or vlogs? Definitely. The audio quality is pretty good to recover and speak to the camera even in a noisy environment such as a market or a busy street. I used the Insta 360 GO2 to record some stories while exploring different cities, from the noise-free cities in Norway to the high chaotic cities in Jordan, and never had audio problems. The battery is big enough for a 15-20 minute straight video, even more. The possibility to charge it a couple of times inside the case will also make your life easier.

Conclusions 4,5/5

Is this the perfect travel camera? Not yet. The absence of a screen where to see what you just recorded or the app that is not as fast as I would like are some of the major problems of this Insta 360 GO2. Is going to be my new travel camera? Oh yeah! It is the best travel camera you can find on the market right now. It costs about 300€, not excessive but not accessible, but once you will get it you will not regret it and believe me it will change your way of recording and taking pictures while traveling. The Insta360 GO 2 is one of the best expressions of the action camera technology achieved until now and that makes it the only and one camera made for travel and for travelers. Can’t wait to see the GO3.

insta 360 go2

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