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N26 bank travelers

T-Apps: N26. The bank designed for travelers.

What could you do in 8 minutes? Listen to some music? Watch a video on Youtube? Read an article? Find your next travel destination on this blog? Now you can open a bank account in just 8 minutes. This is possible thanks to N26, a fin-tech startup, that managed to obtain a full bank license from the […]

T-Apps: Revolut 3.7! Currency exchange has never been so easy.

That feeling, being abroad, in a country with a different currency, the absolute need to find an exchange before to be able to do anything. With Revolut will remain just a bad dream.

T-App: Grabbd. Horrible restaurants? Bye bye!

Today, I would like to introduce Grabbd – Your Foodie Network for best restaurants:

It is a social network where you can share, immediately, your favorite restaurants while you are at home or abroad.

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