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Giovanni Franco

Giovanni Franco

Travel Photographer

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Who I am? Hello, I’m Gio. I am a photographer and a blogger, and since I started travelling I have never stopped. For me, every occasion is the right one to pack my backpack and go. To date, I have managed to visit 56 countries. I’ve reached my goal of 50 countries visited by the age of 26, and now that I have, I’m not stopping there. The goal? #RoadTo100! Among the experiences I will never forget are the trip from Milan to Beijing by sustainable means only or the 3000 km hitchhiking from Canada to Alaska.

The Sustainable Tour is a digital media project that has as main goal the promotion of Sustainable and Smart Tourism. Our motto life is a journey, make it Sustainable it is the best way to express our idea and what is the brand identity. We are committed to the research and promotion of an innovative and more sustainable way of living an traveling.

We want to prove that it is possible to discover Countries and Cities with a type of tourism based on the exploration of alternative destinations and on the adventure, being at the same time slow & sustainable. All the contents are produced both in Italian and in English in order to reach more audience and to better spread our message.



Contact:   info@thesustainabletour.com

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