North America Edition

The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition: from Mexico to Alaska

Among the expressions I’ve come across, two caught my attention: everything happens in threes and there is no two without three. Inspired by those two sentences I am glad to announce you the Third Edition of our Global Expedition Project: The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition from Mexico to Alaska. The Sustainable Tour – North […]

Top 5 Foliage Destinations: where to find the best Autumnal Hues

The magic of foliage, that sublime period when leaves change their hues, painting the world with warm and golden tones, is a spectacle that every travel enthusiast (especially if photographers) should experience at least once in their lifetime. In this guide, I will take you on a picturesque journey through the top 5 foliage destinations […]

Berlin Digital Nomad Guide - city skyline

Berlin Guide for Digital Nomads

Berlin is a city that is constantly evolving, and it’s no surprise that it’s become a popular destination for digital nomads. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just looking for a change of pace, Berlin has something to offer everyone. From its rich history and culture to its thriving startup scene, this city is a […]

Digital Nomads vs Remote Workers. What’s the difference?

There is a lot of confusion going on about two figures that have been emerging in the last years: Digital nomads and Remote Workers. If have you ever wondered what are the differences between being a Digital Nomad and a Remote Worker this is the perfect article for you! Digital Nomads vs Remote Workers Digital […]

zaino tropicfeel shell

A revolutionary Travel system? Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review

Are you looking for the perfect travel backpack? As you may know, in the last 6 years I have been at the constant research of the perfect travel backpack, so don’t miss the last reviews! Today we are going to see a perfect daypack, buy also an ideal backpack for a weekend getaway, and finally […]

Insta 360 GO2 Review: the Travel Camera

Since 2015, when I started documenting in a detailed way my travel adventures, I have been looking for a camera that would allow me to do not miss any crucial moment but at the same time that wouldn’t impact the weight of my backpack, but most importantly that would allow my to discover the cities […]

Travel Stories: My first night in Iceland EP1

Welcome back, let me take advantage of this new post to refresh/re-inaugurate this category of the blog: Travel Stories. Within this category, I will try to tell some of the stories, present, past, and future that have marked my travels around the world and that have marked me personally. In the hope of transmitting a […]

wild working canarie guida

Wild Working: Guide to SmartWorking 2.0 in the Canary Islands [Updated Spring 2023]

[The guide is updated to Spring 2023.] Update 2023: In the period between the beginning of 2021 and 2023, prices in the Canary Islands, especially those related to tourism have varied between 20% and 50%. Keep this in mind when you read the article. Enjoy your reading! One of the few positive legacies that this […]

Wild Working: Tenerife Edition

2020 has been the most dramatic year in the history of tourism. The rebirth will be driven by the ability to adapt and to restart, how? Through innovation and sustainability. Wild Working is a project that wants to prove that is possible to mix sustainable tourism and smart working. What is Wild Working? I will […]

sustainable gift ideas

Last minute Sustainable Gifts Ideas for Travelers

UPDATED: November 2020 As every year you are here looking for some last-minute sustainable gifts ideas for this holiday season? No worries. This is the post for you. As never before, this climate change and sustainability are our present and future. This is why we at The Sustainable Tour really believe that the attention should […]

unknown milano ortica street art

Unknown Milano: Ortica – The Street Art Museum

I’m glad to introduce you to my last photo-reportage project: Unknown Milan: Ortica – The Street Art Museum. I have been working for months on a reportage that could best describe the neighbourhood, that from 4 years, I’ve been calling home. Year after year has been evolving as a community and a little big village […]

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