Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket Review: One Jacket, Infinite Journeys

In the last 6 months, I have embarked on a great series of adventures, from the bustling streets of Morocco, the serene beaches of Malta, the majestic national parks of the United States, the rich terrains of Kenya, and down to the varying climates of Australia. But, before starting my journey, I have been looking for a specific element: A travel Jacket that would take a place in my backpack. Being at the same time, resistant, lightweight, and cool. The NS-40 Travel Jacket by Tropicfeel has demonstrated its irreplaceable value in the wardrobe of an avid traveler. But what makes this jacket a quintessential part of every journey? Let’s find out in this Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket Review.


  1. 4-in-1 Versatility: Defining the Components
  2. Waterproofing Excellence
  3. Handy and Compact: Self-Packable Features
  4. Technical Insights: Waterproofness and Thermal Dynamics
  5. Personal Experience Across Continents
  6. Conclusion

4-in-1 Versatility: Defining the Components

Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket Review - Man in Malta

The Tropicfeel NS-40 isn’t merely a jacket; it’s an embodiment of thoughtful design and technological innovation crafted for the traveler who transitions between varied landscapes and climates. Boasting a 4-in-1 versatility, the jacket seamlessly integrates the protectiveness of a raincoat, the dynamic performance of a windbreaker, the cozy warmth of a gilet, and the elegance of daily wear into a single entity. With a two-piece design consisting of a layer and a vest, each packed with unique features like a roll-up hood, thumbhole cuffs, and the infusion of graphene technology with thermofibre insulation, it promises warmth and waterproof capabilities.

The Layer

This outer part of the jacket is weatherproof, breathable, and skillfully integrates a myriad of features tailored for the traveler: a roll-up hood, ample pocket space, and thumbhole cuffs, ensuring a snug fit and additional warmth during those chilly adventures.

The Vest

The vest, reversible and constructed with graphene technology and 100% vegan downfilling, not only offers waterproof properties but also radiates a stylish aesthetic and significant heat retention, ensuring you stay warm in diverse climates.

Sustainability Factor

In alignment with the sustainable travel ethos of the blog and also of Tropicfeel, the NS-40 Jacket amalgamates functionality with responsibility, ensuring that your adventures tread lightly on our planet.

Waterproofing Excellence

From light drizzles to challenging monsoon rains, the Tropicfeel NS-40 ensures you remain dry and safeguarded. The fully sealed zipper and waterproof pockets guarantee that not only you but also your belongings such as smartphones and wallets remain secure and dry. Or this is what is said on the Tropicfeel website. But is that true? I decided to test the waterproof features of the NS-40 in diverse scenarios, each demanding its own set of requirements. In the dense and unpredictable jungles of Bali, unexpected downpours are a given. Here, the NS-40 provided an impenetrable shield, with its sealed zipper ensuring that the torrential rain remained an external element, not once compromising the dryness within. The pockets, perfectly waterproof, kept essential items like documents and electronic devices secure and dry amidst the deluge, proving to be indispensable in maintaining the integrity of necessary tools for communication.

But I wanted to test the jacket also locally, so while exploring the iconic city of Venice in Italy, where water is an inherent part of the landscape, the NS-40 effortlessly deflected the splash from the gondolas and the occasional tidal surges, ensuring a dry and comfortable exploration through the winding canals and narrow passageways of this historic city.

Handy and Compact: Self-Packable Featuresù

Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket Review

The self-packable nature of the NS-40 sets it a notch higher in the realm of travel essentials. With the possibility to fold into its pouch, it becomes a convenient travel buddy that can be easily stored in your carry-on or attached to a daypack. Moreover, when packed, it doubles as a plush travel pillow, proving its worth even when not worn.

Technical Insights: Waterproofness and Thermal Dynamics

According to the JIS standard, the Tropicfeel NS-40 prides itself on an SP 10K/5K waterproof and breathability rating. With the combination of both the Layer and Reversible Vest, the jacket affords optimal waterproofing, enduring up to 10,000 millimeters of water. Meanwhile, the breathability ensures comfort during various activities. Furthermore, the inclusion of graphene, a highly conductive material, facilitates unparalleled thermal regulation, keeping the wearers warm by redistributing heat throughout the material, creating a balanced thermal comfort across varied weather conditions. Also here, I had to experiment with those features on the field. Conversely, while exploring the sultry environs of the Moroccan deserts, the Tropicfeel NS-40 demonstrated its thermal regulation effectively. Here, the graphene lining was instrumental in evening out the body temperature. Under the scorching Moroccan sun, the jacket absorbed and redistributed the heat across the fabric, ensuring that no one area was excessively heated. As the temperatures dropped with the setting sun, it cleverly retained the heat absorbed during the day, providing a comforting warmth during the chilly desert nights.

Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket Review Morocco

Personal Experience Across Continents

Before concluding this review of the Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket. Let me take you with me in a quick overview of my latest adventure: an overland trip across the East Coast of Australia, from Melbourne to Cairns, during Austrlalian winter. Here I had the NS-40 as my only jacket and for sure did not disappoint my expectations. Australia is known for its ‘four seasons in a day’ weather, the jacket transitioned effortlessly between its various functionalities. While journeying through the Great Ocean Road, one experiences a myriad of climates, starting from the cool, windy coasts to the humid and warm interiors within a matter of hours. The NS-40, with its layered design, allowed for wearing the vest and layer together during the chilly morning walks, while as the day progressed and the temperatures rose, the vest could be easily removed and stored, thanks to its self-packable feature, offering a lighter, more breathable layer to protect against the harsh Australian sun without becoming overwhelmingly warm.

Each adventure carved out across the continents underscores the NS-40’s prowess as a versatile, reliable, and truly universal travel jacket, showcasing its remarkable ability to adapt and perform in a wide spectrum of environmental conditions and demands. From the watery byways of Venice to the shifting temperatures of the Australian landscapes, the NS-40 stood resilient, ensuring every journey was experienced in comfort and style.

Pros and Cons

Navigating through various climates and settings, the NS-40 showcased an impressive array of merits but also left room for some improvements.


  • Versatility: Adapts to diverse climatic conditions.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly without compromising on quality.


  • Future versions might enhance comfort levels by exploring variations in material and fit.
  • Enhancements in waterproof features and a more adaptive vest for diverse climates would be beneficial.


After wearing it for the past 6 months, I can say that in the vast realm of travel apparel, the Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket stands out. It eloquently speaks the language of versatility, innovation, and thoughtful design. Catering to diverse traveler needs, its 4-in-1 design, robust waterproofing, and self-packability make it more than just a jacket. The Tropicfeel NS-40 Travel Jacket, with its omnipresence from December’s Moroccan deserts to September’s Australian breezes, not only stood the test of terrains and climates but also effortlessly blended into varying cultural backdrops. If you’re a traveler who values convenience, sustainability, and style, the NS-40 isn’t just a jacket. It’s a commitment to boundless, responsible, and enriched global exploration.

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P.S. This is not a sponsored review. The review is based on true travel experiences I had personally in the past 6 months. All the affiliate links are helping to maintain the blog active. 

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