North America Edition

The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition: from Mexico to Alaska

Among the expressions I’ve come across, two caught my attention: everything happens in threes and there is no two without three. Inspired by those two sentences I am glad to announce you the Third Edition of our Global Expedition Project: The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition from Mexico to Alaska.

The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition from Mexico to Alaska

After travelling across Europe and Asia with the two previous editions, we decided to expand our target and to change the continent. Our is a campaign to raise awareness towards sustainable and smart travelling, that’s why the target was quite easy to identify: North America. Why?Because the whole territory has among the highest amount of CO2 emissions but, at the same time, it has also some of the most beautiful national parks and natural landscape in the world. The aim of the campaign? To show that is possible to save the environment by changing our way of travelling and reducing our emissions.

That is why we decided to travel across Mexico, the United States and Canada only using sustainable transports. Documenting all the journey, the natural beauties, the cultures and the traditions that we will find along the way. Proving that is possible to reach Alaska from Mexico just travelling in a sustainable and smarter way.

Here there are some of the numbers of what will be The Sustainable Tour – North America Edition:

  • 10.000 km
  • 10 States
  • 11 Cities
  • 40 Days


From the 2000 meters above the sea of Mexico City to one of the most remote states of the world: Alaska. We tried to design an itinerary that would keep us, as much as possible close to nature. But at the same time, our goal is to make the trip possible in only 40 days, in order to give the opportunity to everybody that would like to replicate our itinerary to do it.



Follow the Journey

During this journey we will try to camp and to sleep as much as possible within the national parks that we will be crossing, to reduce at minimum level our emissions. Moreover, a great part of the journey will be based on some spectacular train routes. To give you the opportunity to follow us and not to miss any moment of the tour, we developed a new website TheSustainableTour.com with a tool that will allow you to track our movements along the itinerary and, at the end of each day, to enjoy a multimedia travel journal.

The tour will start on the 18th of July 2019 in Mexico City and will end in Fairbanks, Alaska the 25th of August 2019. For a total length of 40 days, of which we estimate about 10 days will be only dedicated to travel.

Are you ready to live with us the most challenging trip of the year? Welcome to #TheSustainableTourNorthAmericaEdition !



If you would like to become a sponsor, partner or just to support the project please write us at info@thesustainabletour.com


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