Pamu Slide Headphones Review

Travel Headphones: Pamu Slide Review

After the incredible success of the Pamu Scroll, Padmate is coming back on the market with a completely redesigned product. The new Pamu Slide are one of the most interesting true wireless headphones launching on the market in the second half of 2019. Their best function? The battery! But that is not all. I took the Pamu Slide with me every day from the last two months. Here it is the Pamu Slide full review:

Pamu Slide Review

Pamu Slide Headphones Review

Dimensions & Materials 3/5

As said in the introduction, the new Pamu Slide are totally a different product from the first generation of Pamu Scroll especially in terms of design and dimensions. The company focused a lot on battery life, especially on the case. The dimensions of the case, in fact, are huge. With such big dimensions it immediately fills in your jeans/pants pocket. You will always need an extra bag/backpack to carry the headphones.

The Pamu Slide are built entirely in plastic, with a top lead covered by a textile texture. After two months of usage, all the external surfaces are showing some usage signs such as scratches and smaller signs. Despite that, the headphones are solid and well built. They managed to resist also to several drops and still working well. Among the positive features of the headphones, I would like to mention also the presence of a type-c USB for charging and support to wireless charging in some models. As the Pamu Scroll model, also this new model is sweat-resistant and a great deal for sports activities, thanks to the ergonomic fit that prevents the headphones from falling out of your ears.

Battery Life 5/5

Would you believe me if I tell you that I had to charge my headphones on just two occasions with regular usage? It is true! The battery life of the Pamu Slide is incredibly good. The headphones can only last up to 6-8 hours but once you place them back in their case, they can last up to 3 weeks, depending on your daily usage.

Pamu Slide Headphones Review

Sound & Audio Quality 4/5

One of the most important factors while talking of headphones is indeed sound and audio quality. The Pamu Slide are indeed better in terms of quality if compared to the previous model, but I am sure there is plenty of rooms for improvements for future models. The bass are more vibrant in the new Pamu Slide but the overall volume could be increased. The audio during calls has been improved sensibly especially thanks to the new microphones that are isolating voice from the external noise. One of the lacking features of the headphones, especially while traveling is the noise cancelling that is still not available.

Pamu Slide Headphones Review

The Pamu Slide are available on Indiegogo and they will be shipping from October 2019 as they reached, even smashed the target of the campaign. Should you consider buying it? If you are looking for a pair of true wireless headphones with the best battery on the market, a type-c USB charging port and the latest technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0 and a quick pairing chip from Qualcomm these are the headphones for you. The only sacrifice here is portability.

Pamu Slide


  • Battery Life
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Great Ergonomics


  • Bulky Dimensions
  • Easy to scratch


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