Pamu Scroll Review

Pamu Scroll Review. Best Budget Travel Headphone?

Some weeks ago, while scrolling the web searching for the best travel headphones, a product came to my attention: the Pamu Scroll. This pair of Bluetooth headphones has been raising an incredible amount of backers on Indiegogo and it seems to be the potential killer for the Apple AirPods. Could I miss the chance to try this new Pamu Scroll Headphones? No, of course. Here you can find the Pamu Scroll Review.

Pamu Scroll Review: is the BT 5.0 the key?

As a frequent traveller and almost digital nomad, I was looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a long-lasting battery life, an immediate pair-connection with multiple devices and compact dimensions. The Pamu Scrolls are capable of mixing all these features together, but the real changing point is the Bluetooth 5.0, that makes the pairing process incredibly fast and easy to use. Moreover, it is possible to pair at the same time different devices (ex Smartphone + Laptop) and switch between them without problems and without passing through any setting process. There is a sensible difference also in terms of speed, a problem I used to have was the lag while watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, but with the Pamu Scroll this is solved, I’ve been able to watch videos without any audio lag or problem (if you have a device with BT 5.0 it will be even better).

Dimensions & Materials 4/5

Pamu Scroll Review


If you are one of those people that judge the book from the cover you will not be happy with the Pamu Scroll, especially at the first impression. The unboxing experience is not great, they come in a cheap box with two hear adaptors S and XL (the Medium is the default one), a micro-USB cable and nothing more. This makes the first look really cheap and “Chinese” looking.

In the recent years I have been trying to identify the best travel headphones, that were not too big to carry around (as the Bose QC35 or the Sony MX100), and, in the long run, taking out the headphones from the backpack it becomes an unpleasant exercise. The first thing I noticed when I got the new Pamu Scroll was their light weight and compact dimensions, it is not a problem to keep them in my pocket while walking around. The charger/cover structure seems to be really solid even if the price point is much different than the competitors. Another pleasant aspect of the headphones is indeed the unique design, I got the opportunity to try two different colours, the Sakura Rose and the Graphene and they are both stunning, even if the Graphene is more matching my preferences. The case is built with a nice leather furniture that covers up the headphones with a magnetic system.

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Battery Life 4/5

I have been able to cover a full day of work/travel with the headphones, and I never had particular problems of battery but I should admit that I am not an intense music listener, so I never did more than 3-4 hours of continous use in a day. One of the problems I noticed is that there is no way of checking the actual status of battery of the case, there are just some lights flashing while putting the headphones back and nothing more, it is not a major problem but it would have been nice to know the charge status of the case as in the Apple AirPods.

 Sound Quality 3/5

Pamu Scroll Review

At this price point don’t expect anything professional, but I should say that the quality is pretty good but not impressive. Both High and Low/Bass are not excelling in volume or quality. One of the biggest negative aspects I noticed is the poor noise cancellation, even when the volume is high. From one side, this may be good because it allows you to hear the outside sounds such as alarms or dangers but from the others, if you are looking for some isolation to work or to focus in some busy place like an airport or a train station the Pamu Scroll will not be able to give you that.

Conclusions 4/5

Pamu Scroll Review

The Pamu Scroll are the best Bluetooth headphones available online at this specific moment, especially if you will be able to get it during the Indiegogo Campaign for 39$-49$. But as I said, if you are looking for professional sound quality or extreme noise cancelling you should look for a different product, with a totally different price point. The Pamu Scroll are a great mix of design, functionality and quality that surprised me, I am sure they will become a perfect travel companion for the next months.

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  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dimensions
  • Battery Life
  • Materials


  • Poor Unboxing Experience
  • No On/Off Button
  • Case with no Battery Indicator(LEDs only)


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