The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour: a big Green adventure from Milan to Beijing

10.000 km, 10 Countries and 15 Cities: sustainable travelling will be the trend of the future!

After almost 40 days from the departure day, the Sustainable EurAsiaticTour is officially over. A project that brought me from Milan to Beijing using exclusively sustainable transports systems. The goal was to prove that not only is it possible to do it but that this new kind of travel, slow and green, is able to gift you with strong emotions and unique experiences.

The Environmental Impact of the Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

The tour officially started the 23 of July from Milan and ended the 26 of August in Beijing. During the tour, I travelled for more than 10.000 kilometres through 10 countries and 15 cities proving that it is possible to cross Europe and Asia in a Sustainable way and that it helps the environment. In fact:

  • Emissions of a commercial flight from Milan to Beijing: 0,60-ton di CO2
  • Emission of The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour: 0,40-ton di CO2

That means that reaching Beijing from Milan, using only sustainable transport will allow you to save almost 35% of CO2 emissions.*

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

Enjoy every second of the trip

From the European Capitals to the boundless forests of Syberia, passing through the Mongolian desert and ending up with a hike on the Chinese Great Wall. The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour confirmed that to travel is not to move from a point to another but, and most important, to get to know and appreciate new cultures, traditions and people. Putting aside all the prejudices while learning how to observe the world around you from a totally different perspective and with a great dose of curiosity.

The goals of the tour were all accomplished not only, rather than that the second edition of the Sustainable Tour, thanks to the mediatic and social coverage, was a complete success beyond all the initial expectations. Providing with new and fresh visibility this growing sector and the destinations touched by the tour.

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

The final goal? Cross the world only by using Sustainable ways of Transport.

In conclusion, here there are some numbers of the tour:

  • 728 km walked
  • 8 Trains (7210 km)
  • 7 Buses (2933 km)
  • More than 240 hours of travel (> 10 Days)
  • 15.000 Pictures
  • 5,3 hours of videos
  • More than 100 Post on the Socials

Everything has been possible thanks to some lucky and the ability to adapt to any situation and solve any unexpected problem.

A special thanks go to all the people that believed to this project from the beginning, and to who supported it with the many liked and comments. A big thanks also to the Partners of the Project that made it possible. But mostly to whom did not believe that this was going to be possible. Can’t start to start a new adventure!

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

P.S. in the following days all the photos, post and videos of The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour will be released!

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*The CO2 emissions calculations have been made taking in consideration the kilometres made of each different transportation method used during the tour.

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