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Arcido Saxon Review: Light and Versatile Travel Backpack

After the big succes of the Arcido Bag, one of the most durable travel backpack I had the opportunity to try, in 2018 Arcido is back with a renewed line of travel backpacks, ready to attack the market. The Arcido Saxon is one of the new models of this year and is the smallest and the lightest of Arcido’s line-up. Read the full Arcido Saxon Review:

Arcido Saxon Review: Light and Versatile

Arcido Saxon Review

As you may have noticed from the title, versatile and light will be the main words for all the review of this Arcido Saxon. In fact, this new backpack packs many “smart” functionalities and a lot of organization inside its compact dimensions. Unfortunately, as for the first Arcido Bage, my beloved external mesh pocket are missing.

The Arcido Saxon is covering one category that the company left empty with the two previous backpacks, the 24-72 hours travel backpacks. But as Arcido underlines inside its communication, this Saxon is not only thought as travel backpack for 1-2 days or a weekend but it’s thought also as a complete daypack for the office and/or for the gym.

Here there are some technical specs of the backpack:

  • Weight : 800g / 1.8lbs
  • Dimensions : 45 x 33 x 20cm / 18″ x 13″ x 8″ (Perfect for Carry-on)
  • Water and Rain Resistant

The backpack

Arcido Saxon Review

The Arcido Saxon is offering a capacity of 23 litres along with a great division of the spaces. It provides a main compartment dedicated to the bigger items, a big laptop pocket (up to 15,6 inches), a well organized frontal zip oriented to the productivity and a small padded upper pocket where to store smaller items.

The biggest compartment of the backpack is provided of a front opening, that is the perfect solution for a travel and to access the larger objects. Moreover, this part of the backpack provides also compression straps in order to help you to organize and keep everything on the place due to the lack of internal pockets.

The laptop section, with the amazing magnetic cover, it’s one of the most practical I ever found on a backpack, especially of this dimensions. It can fit laptop up to 15,6 inches. I could store inside, without any particular problem, my 13 inches laptop plus my 2 agendas. The has a full vertical opening that is very useful if you need to access fastly to your laptop (like in the airports).

Arcido Saxon Review

The frontal part of the backpack hides a super organised and super smart pocket. The pocket is productivity oriented with several divisions and pockets, perfect to store documents and other office equipment and it could even fit a tablet/kindle.

Lastly, the superior pocket is the smallest of the backpack and is designed, thanks to the soft material, to store small and fragile objects such as sunglasses and smartphones.

Materials 4,5/5

Once again Arcido shows up to be a leader in the selection of materials for its backpacks (that’s why it has 5 years warranty). The Saxon is made up of light and solid fabric that is even water resistant. Also, the zips are really solid, at least after few uses.

Space Division 3,5/5

As mentioned previously, the Arcido Saxon is a versatile and flexible backpack and the minimal and functional space division is the proof of this. The lack of an external mesh pocket is one of the few negative aspects.

Comfort/Usability 4/5

Arcido Saxon Review

I’ve been able to test this backpack in many different situations, from the weekend abroad to the everyday life at university/work. Even when full, it is always comfortable to carry and it stays really balanced on the shoulders. The only problem may occur when you have to take off fastly something from the main compartment, because you will have to lay down the backpack in order to avoid the other items to fall.

Price 3,5/5

The quality of the materials and the design are really influent on the final retail price of the product, 115€ on Amazon. Of course, its price it’s justified by the quality and the durability of the construction.


Arcido Saxon ReviewIts minimal design and its comfort are making this Arcido Saxon the perfect solution for both daily and 48-72 hours use. Meanwhile, its lightness and its flexibility are making the Saxon a perfect travel companion. The only negative point may be the price, but it will never make you regret your expense. The Saxon will easily enter into your lifestyle and it will help you to simplify your daily routine.


Arcido Saxon on Amazon for 115€

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