The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour: from Milan to Beijing

After the recent success of my European Sustainable Tour: from Istanbul to Paris, I would like to implement the same idea in a bigger context so I launched my last project:

The Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour: from Milan to Beijing

A tour in which I will use only sustainable and smart transports to travel from Milan to Beijing.

Why Milan and Beijing? Because are two of the most polluted cities in the world.

To be full green, I will set a maximum limit of CO2 not to exceed, analysing the emissions of every single transport used. Measuring the quality of the air, on every single city in the itinerary, I will document how they are reacting to climate change and what they are doing to fight this global problem.

A daily journal of this experience will be posted on my channels. At the end, a short documentary will be produced.

My goal is to document the beauties that could be found on this trip and promote sustainable traveling. Moreover, I believe this could become a big awareness campaign. To incentivate people to travel in a more sustainable and smart way.

The trip will start from Milan, going to:

  1. Wien?
  2. Prague?
  3. Berlin?
  4. Warsaw?
  5. Riga?
  6. Tallin?
  7. Saint Petersburg?
  8. Moscow?
  9. Mongolia?
  10. ??China and Beijing?

Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour

More than 10 countries and 9000 km in 40 days of tour.

The tour will take place in the period 26 July – 12 September 2018.

Not only sustainability and adventure, to build such a big project I’m putting in all my enthusiasm and my passion, trying to reach always more ambitious goals.

Help me to implement this and future projects, PATREON IT!


Stay tuned more news are coming soon!

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