The Sustainable Tour Forest

From Mexico to Alaska with zero emissions: The Sustainable Tour Forest

Is it possible in 2019 to travel with zero emissions? It may seem strange or complicated, but during our trips, or just during our everyday life, our actions have an impact on the environment. The best way to measure this impact is by tracking our daily footprint by calculating the CO2 emissions of each action, means of transport or product bought.

The Zero-Emissions goal is possible!

We were asking ourselves how we can become more committed to the promotion of sustainable travelling, decreasing our impact on the environment as much as possible. So, we decided to start from the North American Edition of The Sustainable Tour to create a partnership with Treedom.

Treedom is a company that helps private users and business to absorb their CO2 emission by planting trees around the world. The planted trees and forest are absorbing in the first 10 years of their life a certain quantity of CO2. In this way, they allow offsetting that amount of CO2 produced by planting a tree that will absorb it. Not only CO2, in fact, the trees that are planted most of the times are fruit trees, such as avocado, cocoa etc..In this way, each planted tree could become fundamental for the support of the local economies and the local communities, fully embracing what is the spirit and the defining elements/ characteristics of sustainability.

The Sustainable Tour Forest

To offset all the emissions of our trip from Mexico to Alaska, we decided to create the Sustainable Tour Forest and thanks to the support of Treedom we will be planting all the trees necessary to offset all the emission of the tour and to achieve the zero-emissions goal. An example? We had to use aeroplanes to get from Milan to Mexico City and start our tour, to do so we produced about 4164 kg of CO2. To offset those emissions and bring them down to zero we planted the first 9 Avocado trees in Kenya, that will absorb more than 4500 kg of CO2. Moreover, once they will start producing avocados, they will support the local economies of the area in which they are planted. As we do not like to keep all for ourselves, we will be also sharing the trees with you through our social media channels. Finally, to have a tour with really zero-emission, we will be donating part of the trees to the Hostels/Hotels and the people that will host us along our journey, to inspire their curiosity towards sustainability and the respect of nature, but also to compensate the emissions of our stay. The goal at the end of the journey will be to have a forest that could support the local communities and protect the environment because these are two of our most important values and we believe that they are fundamental to create a more sustainable world.

Follow our Instagram Stories on @thesustainabletour to have an opportunity to win a tree or just to know more about the project!

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