T-App: Grabbd. Horrible restaurants? Bye bye!

Introducing T-App (Travel App). It will be a new section where I’ll collect all the apps you should have in your smartphone while you’ll be abroad.

Today, I would like to introduce  Grabbd – Your Foodie Network for best restaurants:

It is a social network where you can share, immediately, your favorite restaurants while you are at home or abroad.

Useful? Yes, it will help you to remember the places you liked most during your trips.

It will share them with your friends so, if they will trust your tastes, they will be able to find always the best places where to eat.

Basically, you can follow your friends and see what they are Grabbing in realtime all around the world.

Imagine to know prices, food quality and tips on the menu for tons of restaurants worldwide, the only thing you have left is to choose a place. It sound perfect: no efforts, maximum satisfaction. 

Share recommendations with friends about new cities has never been so easy!


Grabbd is still unripe, you can’t have a good social networking if people are lacking, but the community is, slowly, increasing.

In the second half of 2017 the app will arrive on Android, it means bigger community, more grabs, more fun!


Grabbd website

Download it here 



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