Bari: Italian welcome. The Sustainable European Tour, day 7.

Delays, lines, neverending boarding and a sleepless night. The trip from Bar to Bari was my first time with a medium-range ferry, and it was traumatic. I would like to resume, in this way, my last experience with the ferry Dubrovnik of the company Jadrolinija. A trip that was supposed to last “only” 10 hours became an incubus. Started at 18 and finished at 9:30 of the day after. I don’t understand why, in 2017, the system of boarding and passenger assignation it’s still so archaic. The dock is the cheapest ticket you can get but is here where we assist to a “war” of people, fighting to get a decent space where to place their sleeping bag. If you are late or unlucky, you’ll have to sleep on the outside dock.

Arrived in Bari at 8:30, I could get off from the ferry only at 9:30. Just the time for a fast (and good) espresso and I start my exploration of the city from the old Bari, a labyrinth of small streets and houses, in which I get lost many times. But I’m not worried of this. While I was lost in one of the small streets, from nothing, it appeared this huge church. It was the cathedral of the city. I liked Bari. It reminded me, Reggio Calabria, I don’t know why, but I think there is something in common in all the city of the south of Italy. But, the only difference is that in Bari I found a clean city. Finally, meanwhile I was waiting for my Blablacar ride, I enjoyed some great Italian food.

The visit of the city, even if it was short, allowed to me to forget the horrible night in the ferry, so I was ready to leave to my next destination: Tropea, 4 hours of car away.

During the travel, I concede myself a reflexion about last two types of transport I used: A ferry, built in the ‘90, where people, cars, and trucks where load as animals and Blablacar the proof of a sustainable and efficient sharing economy.

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