Capo Vaticano/Calabria: a sea of wasted opportunities. The Sustainable European Tour, day 9.

24-25/08/2017 Calabria, Italia

I’m again on the road. After one day of break, the tour is restarting with one of its the longest sections. From Capo Vaticano (Calabria, south of Italy) I will travel to Milan, 8 hours, 1200 km all by train. I’m restarting from my region, Calabria, where I stopped two days to change some part of my travel equipment and to organize the last part of the tour. Leaving, the question I made myself is: is the train the best way to cross the country? I don’t know.

If we read the numbers, from Calabria to Naples, 440 km, it takes almost 4 hours, the same time that it takes to get from Naples to Milan. The problem is that from Naples to Milan the distance is 772 km, the double. I understand that the south of Italy, is still under development but this is unsustainable. I am worried from the fact that, without a proper territorial continuity, the south will never exit, the actual, situation of decadence.

From the windows, are passing away beautiful landscapes and incredible beaches along with abusive construction sites and mountains of waste. The train is invaded from a melancholic aura.

When I arrive in Milan, at 20:30 the city is a desert.


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