Milan: a golden city. The Sustainable European Tour, day 10.

Milan, Italy 26/08/2017

Arrived in Milan, I found an, almost, empty city. Empty of its residents, but with a good quantity of tourists. The city, even in August, look efficient and precise. Two of the aspect that made Milan the economic center of the country. But, at the same time, one of the most polluted city in Europe. The lack of stress, one of the most important problem in the winter, it`s giving more charm to the city. Summer is giving a touch of fresh and smog-free air to the city, that allows me to enjoy the city in the best conditions. When I come the first time to the city, it was 2015, just two years ago, then I came back the last summer and I didn’t left. I don’t know what is really keeping me in this city, the serried centre, the efficiency of the services, the multi ethnicity or simply the mentality of its citizen. But I realised, that this city is like a magnet, from which is hard to get away.

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