The Sustainable European Tour

Paris: Mission completed. The Sustainable Tour, day 11.

Paris, France 27/08/2017

I’m leaving Milan at the first lights of the day, the last train of this tour is waiting for me at the train station at 6 am, it will bring me to Paris. The view from the huge window is really suggestive: the train is crossing first Italian plain, passing through The Alps and the crossing all the France up to Paris.

After 3855 km, 11 days and more than 70 hours of travel, here it is Paris, beautiful and magnificent, as always. When the train enters the train station I feel relieved, #TheSustainableEuropeanTour has arrived at his destination. It was long and physically and mentally intense, but it is a little satisfaction to conclude this project. To travel, discover and know new cultures and traditions is like an addiction, once you start is hard to live without it.

I will post the full report about the travel in some week, for now I would like to spend some time in this amazing city. Rich, not only of CO2 but also of culture and art.


Did you miss day 10? You can find it here 


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