See you soon Turkey: Next destination Sofia! The Sustainable European Tour Day 3


It’s time to leave Turkey and Istanbul, the Sustainable European Tour must go on. The Bosforo Express will bring me, during the night,to Sofia. I’m leaving behind a mix of cultures and traditions, the Galata Bridge is where the conservative and the “European” or Occidental culture mix. For this reason, I decided to wait here for the sunset, before to leave the city. The result is this photo, in which I try to describe the magical atmosphere of this city. But, it isn’t everything gold, I’m leaving a polluted city, where the age of sustainable environment seems so far away. My CleanSpace tag is reporting a really polluted air. See you soon Istanbul, hope the next time the situation will be better.

P.S. I would like to thank the hostel Hanchi for the hospitality during this 2 days of stay in Istanbul.

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