Istanbul: a timeless city. The Sustainable European Tour day 2

Sometimes, when you have too many expectations from a city, country or anything is most likely that they won’t be satisfied. It already happened to me, with other cities I’ve visited, that the reality was always below the expectations. Istanbul, on the other hand, didn’t break my expectations. It surprised me. With 15 Million of inhabitants, it is a metropolis, huge and chaotic at the same time. Its chaos, instead of damaging the city appearance makes it more fascinating. When you enter in Grand Bazaar and the streets around it, the age of online shopping and technologies give the place to streets full of small shops, thousands of delivery guys and extenuating price negotiation. A deep immersion in the past, where nothing seems to be different since Istanbul has always been one of the centre of the international trade. The city that is hugging two continents, has also a modern and globalised side, crossing the Galata Bridge it won’t be difficult to find brand shops, skyscrapers and armored shopping malls. At night, the city shuts down and the mosques light up, together with the skyline of the city.

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