Cabin Max Ontario Review

Cabin Max Ontario: The best backpack you can buy with less than 50€. Review

Cabin Max Ontario Review

The backpack is big, resistant and waterproof. But its better feature is the price, only £35!

Of course, the bag is not perfect. The touch and feel, of materials, is not so cheap but it is still some kind of plastic made coverage.

Let’s start with some specification.

  • Dimensions: 55x35x20
  • Laptop pocket up to 14″
  • 12 months Guarantee
  • Water resistant (high rain only)
  • 38 liters capacity

These dimensions ensure that you’ll be able to use it as a carry-on in more than 27 European airlines.

Cabin Max Ontario Review

Cabin Max Ontario it is divided into two main compartments:

The biggest one, front loading, it is really easy to access and it is divided into two sub-spaces. A space for big clothes and shoes and a slimmer compartment for smaller items such as ties, underwear, and toiletries. For a total of 38 liters, is huge. Indeed, you will be able to fit in clothes for 3-7 days of travel and, if you are a minimalist traveler, even 10. It is a perfect substitute for a carry-on trolley.

Cabin Max Ontario Review

Then, there is the “office section”. It is a top loading space, where a zip is separating a pocket for your laptop (max 14″) from the main section with the pockets for the papers, cards, and pens. (If you have a bigger laptop, you could store it inside the main section, on the left side.)

The Ontario gives you the opportunity to take with you all you need for your productivity on the go.

A third, medium, side loading pocket is situated in the front of the backpack, allowing you to store easy access items that you may need, like documents (it is not so secure), water bottle or some snack.

Talking about prices, you can get this Cabin Max Ontario on the company website starting at 35£. Yes, not joking, just 35£.


The price is the most important factor in this backpack. It is the best buy if you’re looking for the best ratio quality/price. 

During the everyday use, it is performing well, I’ve been testing it for a month now and the main problems are the absence of a mesh pocket where to store your water bottle outside and the external position of the laptop pocket.

The design is not one of the main key points of this backpack. When it will be fully packed, it will look like a big black shapeless bag.

If you are looking for a backpack with more premium features check out my Arcido Review.

Cabin Max Ontario Review


PRO                                                                                      CONS

   Price                                                                              X  No external mesh pockets

✓    Waterproof                                                                  X   Straps not well padde     

    Laptop slot                                                                 X    No waist belt

                                                                                             X   External Laptop pocket

Cabin Max Ontario Review

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