The cheapest flight ever. Milan to Ibiza for 2,90€

What’s the lowest amount you ever paid for a flight? Now, what’s the lowest amount you ever imagined to pay for a flight?

The lowest amount I paid, so far for, a flight is 2,90€.

It is the price of an espresso and a cappuccino in Italy.

How? Was it last minute? Did you book 2 years before? Was an old plane from the ’80? The worst company ever? No luggage included?

No, it was a Ryanair flight with double hand luggage, in a modern Boeing with all the comforts/problems of a normal flight.

To be honest, this wasn’t the lowest amount I ever see for a flight. Ryanair was offering a couple of years ago a flight from Milan to Bucharest at 0,70€. At the time I couldn’t take the possibility, so this time I had to try. I was really curious to test if there is any difference from a flight paid as much as a breakfast or a flight in the “economy class” that costs 100€ in some big company. And there were not. I mean, the price difference is so high that you could even add all the premium services on board plus two hot meals and be way under 50€.

When did I book? From which website?

Of course, you can’t find this kind of deals everyday. But on some specific days, really often, Ryanair promotes discounts on his flights. I booked this thanks to the fare finder on the website of the company one week and a half before the departure date.

So again, no special websites are needed and I didn’t book 3 or 6 months before. If you love traveling or you think you may have some free days soon, keep an eye on the fare finder. It is really easy to use and it takes just 5 minutes to check the prices for all the destinations. The  others low-cost airlines are offering the fare finder service (EasyJet, Vueling, WizzAir etc.)

The best part of the Trip it’s that also the price for the way back was only 2,90€. So basically, I just paid less than 6€ for a round trip Milan to Ibiza. The Article “3 days in Ibiza with less than 50 euro” is coming soon!

It has been more expensive for me to get from Milan City Center to the Bergamo Airport, 10€ both ways, than from Milan to Ibiza. Here is the screenshot of the booking 😉

It is in Italian, but that’s the price for Milan to Ibiza round trip for 4 adults.


If this is the future of travel, I love it.


P.S. This is not a Ryanair endorsement, just a suggestion to travel more and better

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