Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

Best Green Hostel 2017: Dead Sea Adventure Hostel!

Located right in the middle of nowhere, I found the Best Green Hostel of 2017: the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel.

This Hostel is modern, sustainable and tailor-made for backpackers from all over the world.

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Review

Location 4,5/5

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel



As I said before, the Hostel is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the Judean desert. But this location is perfect, in fact, the Hostel has the best position to reach the historic Masada and the beautiful Dead Sea. Moreover, the Hostel is located on top of a hill. This provides the Hostel with one of the best views I ever had from a hostel room.

The city of Arad is easily reachable from all over Israel. Close to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, there are buses (not on Saturday) leaving to the Dead Sea but also to Masada. The Hostel is a bit far from the centre of Arad but is well connected with a city bus, and there is one bus stop right in front of the hostel.

In the city, you will find supermarkets and restaurants working even on Saturday, always useful if you need to prepare your next adventure in the desert.

Rooms 4/5

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Review

The Hostel is brand new and you could see it from the rooms.

Each room has a name, related to the desert. This is perfect to increase the hype of the experience in the desert.

The beds are big and comfortable, the bunk beds are providing the right size to feel comfortable without being claustrophobic.

The rooms are colourful and full of light, some of them are providing also an amazing view, of the desert, from the big windows. Even the bathrooms are great and with a great view, they are among the best I have ever seen in a Hostel.

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Review

The common room it’s attached to the panoramic kitchen and it’s provided with plenty of couches where to relax and enjoy a coffee/beer. The kitchen is large and plenty of light, with all the facilities. Moreover, there is also a nice garden where is possible to eat or to enjoy the warm Israelian weather. It is even possible to sleep in the garden, instead of the room, if you have a tent, having the access to all the hostel services and facilities with a lower price.

I can’t give the maximum score to the rooms for the lack of lockers, that is the only negative aspects.


Atmosphere 5/5

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel


The atmosphere is amazing, as I said before, this hostel is tailor-made for backpackers and explorer. In the common areas, you will always find someone willing to share their experience and some tips about traveling, but even a car ride. It’s not the place for the mass travelers, this is a place made by adventurers for adventurers.

The staff is always helpful and polite, they will provide all the information about the area along with everything else you may need.

Services 4/5

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

  • Free Breakfast 8-9:30
  • Towels (15 ILS)
  • Laundry (25 ILS)
  • Free Masada Tour
  • Free Luggage Storage

Sustainability Score 5/5

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

“You are in the middle of the desert, save water!”

The smallest elements are at the base of the big changes, and this hostel is a proof of this. From the small signs in the toilet to the promotion of local/food and drinks (even vegetarian), passing through the recycled furniture/objects that are located in all the common spaces, this is the best green hostel I have been during this year.

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

Prices 4,5/5

The prices are also designed for travellers. As I said in the Tel Aviv Hostel review, the prices in Israel for Hostel and Hotel are higher than in Europe, but the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is offering competitive prices if we consider the quality of the service.

The shared rooms are starting at 20 Euro for bed/night or 10 Euro night if you want to sleep in the beautiful outside garden, having access to all the services of the hostel.

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel the Best Green Hostel of the 2017!

After more than 20 Hostel visited this year, I took the decision to give this award to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel mainly for two factors:

  • The Unique Location
  • The Attention to the Environment

It’s clear that the objective of this Hostel is to help people to live their lifetime adventure in the desert.

Moreover, I do appreciate the atmosphere. Entering the hostel, you can perfectly see that is a place made up by travelers for travelers. That’s all for the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Review, enjoy your stay!

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Here you can find some tours departing from the Hostel:

  • Daily Tours
  • Masada Free Tour
  • Alternative Desert Segway

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