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Tropicfeel Canyon Review: the Ultimate Travel Shoes

Since their first launch on Kickstarter, Tropicfeel shoes has fastly become an iconic brand for what concerns travel shoes. Only last year I had the opportunity to try and review their first product the Tropicfeel Monsoon. Now, as their travel shoes 2.0 are already on the market from a couple of months, I couldn’t refrain our curiosity and we had to try the new TropicFeel Canyon. To see if Tropicfeel came out with the real ultimate travel shoes, here you can find my Tropicfeel Canyon Review:

Tropicfeel Canyon Review

Tropicfeel collected all the feedbacks from their backers and costumers and they came back on the travel shoe market with a new revolutionary product: the Tropicfeel Canyon.

After raising more than 2,5 million dollars on Kickstarter and after several sold outs, the goal while designing the new Canyon was clear create a pair of shoes suitable for every environment. But is it possible to travel with the new Tropicfeel Canyon as the only pair of shoes? I did it. During the last two months, I have used the Tropicfeel Canyon as my only pair of shoes and this review is exclusively based on my personal experience. I took my brand new pair of light green Canyon in Japan, walking an average of 25 km a day, for 13 days. Later on, I went from the volcanic beaches of Tenerife to the Sahara desert in Egypt, with many climates and surfaces changes. But are the Tropicfeel Canyon the ultimate travel shoes?

tropicfeel canyon shoes


 Comfort 4,5/5

One of the fundamental aspects of comfort for a pair of travel shoes is indeed the weight, as with the other model, also this time at Tropicfeel they managed to keep the total weight of the shoe really low. This reduced weight had an extremely positive impact to minimise the effects of long walks. For example, this allowed me to walk more than 25 km per day during my last exploration of Japan, without any particular problem of blistering or feet pain. I believe this was mostly due to the comfort of the sole and on the wide fit of the shoes.

Moreover, they improved some aspects of the Monsoon creating a shoe that now is easier to wear and to keep tight with the new smart lacing system. That is fundamental, especially if you decide to keep your shoes while swimming to avoid to lose them.

Materials 4/5*

If while reviewing the Tropicfeel Monsoon I had some concerns about the materials, as they did not have a proper “premium” feeling. With the new model, the situation is much different. The Canyon model has a much more “premium” looking and feeling, being more than suitable to be used also in everyday life and not only while travelling. One element did not change and is at the base of Tropicfeel brand identity is the environment respect during the production. Also, in this case, the Tropicfeel Canyon have been designed and built using recycled materials and environmentally conscious elements. Each shoe is produced using about 3,5 recycled PET bottles, and I hope that a future version will be entirely produced with recycled elements.

*(UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2020 -> I used extensively my shoes for almost a year and after thousand of km the upper part broke down, so I reduced the score)

Build Construction 4/5

In this sense, Tropicfeel improved a lot of elements if compared with the first model. First of all, the grip now is much better so it would be much easier to use the Tropicfeel Canyon as hiking and trekking shoes. The second improved aspect I noticed is the resistance of the materials. I had the chance to test this aspect in the abrasive volcanic rocks in Tenerife during a small hike, the shoes always resisted well to the impacts and the structure proved to be stronger, giving more protection to the feet.

One of the key elements that could make the Tropicfeel Canyon the ultimate travel shoes is the fact that they have been designed and built to resist different environments, such as water, mountains, and city life. The results? if you consider the quality of the materials and their construction indeed you have a great pair of shoes for travelling, that can adapt to any situation.

Tropicfeel Canyon Shoes


Price 5/5

How much would you pay for the ultimate travel shoes? Tropicfeel manages to keep a competitive price for their last travel sneakers, as the new Tropicfeel Canyon are being sold for 99€. If you consider the research and the development needed to build such a pair of shoes, the price is more than competitive. The quality/price ratio is a good deal. Right now, if you build your travel pack on the Tropicfeel website you will receive a shopper bag + a pair of flip flops included in the price.  Moreover, if you use the code TST10 you can get a 10% off.

Ultimate Travel Shoes? Conclusion 4,5/5

I was already in love with the last model of Tropicfeel shoes and, to be honest, I hardly believed that Tropicfeel would have been able to improve their product in such a small amount of time. But I was wrong, they made it. The new Tropicfeel Canyon are the most versatile pair of shoes that I have ever owned. A great synthesis between comfort, design, and flexibility. One of the few aspects I would like to improve, as said before, is sustainable construction. Despite that, I will surely carry the Tropicfeel Canyon as my only pair of shoes for the next adventures.

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