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40.000 km, 37 flights for only 500 euro

37 flights in one year is not so an easy job, it means to take 0,7 planes a week.

How I did it? Where are the secrets?

There are no secrets.

I could achieve this goal thanks to several factors, first of all, is my passion for travel. This passion plus some good dose of patience could allow me to adapt and to accept lots of hours/night of stopover in order to be always on a budget.

Long term planning is another huge factor. Thanks to the long-term planning I was able to spend an average of only 14 euro for flight. My suggestion is to book from 50 to 30 days before of your flight. Avoid high season, weekends (not always) and try to book planes leaving in the early morning or in the late evening in order to save money. As I said before, be flexible. Don’t be afraid to spend one night in the airport, or wait there more than 8 hours, it is part of the deal.

Moreover, I could take 13 of this 37 flights for free, because I was traveling as Group Leader/Participant for some Erasmus+ project.

Fly just with your carry on, it will allow you to save money and time.

Last but not least, this all is possible thanks to the low-cost companies, among 37 flight just once I paid more than 50 euro, and of course it happened when I flew with Alitalia (without any difference, economy class conditions are poor always).


That’s all.

Now that you know what to do, “sit back relax and enjoy your flight!”

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