That’s the beginning of something, small thing or not, who knows.

Let’s talk about addiction, in the pic above you could see one of my biggest addiction. Nothing special, I know, but neither the only one or the biggest one. You should know that the only thing that I love more than coffee is to travel.

I’ll try to share my experiences with you, here. Starting from the end, of course:

Molochio, RC 08/04/2016

The alarm is ringing in my bedroom, it’s 4:30 AM, it’s persistant and far. Time to close the luggage, take a shower and get a ride to the Airport.Of course we’re late so we should run, I guess I’m doing it everytime on purpose, adrenaline? Maybe, who knows.

Lamezia Terme’s airport, not the best one, neither the worst.I’ve been waiting for new destinations for years, still nothing.

Our plane to Rome is leaving at 7:20 and we get there at 7. At the end, that’s not so bad. Usually it takes 55 minutes maximum to arrive in Rome, but Ryanair says that the trip will be of 1 hour and 15 minutes, that’s why of the “More than 96% of our flights was on time last month”. Perfect markenting,  I love them.

8:30 Rome Fiumicino

Like robots, we went to recollect our hand luggages and to do again the security controls, but we were on time, just 6 hours ahead. We’ve got a reservation on the plane for Barcelona of the 15:45. And now?

Some coffies, tv series and some book and it’s already time to go to the gate for Barcelona. Fiumicino is quite confortable when you have to wait a lot. After two minutes  in the plane I was already sleeping. I do it every time. I do not remember last time that I was awake on a flight.

16:20 Barcelona El Prat

I don’t know why but to land or to leave from Barcelona  it’s always so bad, too much wind? It seems every time that the plane is ready to fall.

Fortunately this time no security controls. We’re immediately ready to take our next flight, destination Porto. Oh no, not again. The flight is scheldule for 22:25. I would like to go out and have a walk on this beautiful city, but it’s impossible. So I took my laptop, my SJ cam and I started to make time lapse videos of the people boarding at the gates. It’s good to observe the life inside an airport. I guess it is one of the few situation in which you can really see the globalization effects. After hours of watching I had only a simple question on my mind, why the people are in queue one hour before the gate to open? Do they know that they’ll have a seat on the plane? I will never understand that.

It’s already 9:30, amazing. My gate is numer 8.

Porto I’m coming. (finally)

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