Summer Tour

After I have graduated I decided that it was time to have the best holiday of my life, as a prize.

So, I started to plan. First I tought to travel to some place I’ve not been yet in Europe.

My first idea was an Interrail trip around Balcans, so I started to check prices and everything. I discovered that the best solution was to do it without buying one of this passes but just going there and catching the first train or bus. In this way I could save up to 100 Euro. But it was still to expensive for just 15 days of travel.

But then I changed my mind, and I’ve switched to another idea. I said to myself I would like to have a trip around the Europe and it has to be a limited budget trip, to spend less possible and enjoy it as much as I can.

So I started to plan my Summer BUDGET Tour.

And at the end I’ve got this:


8 countries in 2 months

 More than 10.000 kilometers

  1. First stop was Portugal, 5 days in the lovely Aveiro for an Eramsus+ Youth Exchange. It means that the first stop was totally free. To get there I’ve been trough Pisa, Madrid and Porto. Quite long trip. Thanks to the EU.
  2. Second stop was Romania. After a long trip through Milan, Budapest and Cluj-Napoca  I managed to arrive in Suceava, where I’ve been a week. Getting into deep knowledge of local culture. Then I moved to Cluj where for the first time in my life I’ve been to an house music festival: UNTOLD. It was amazing, and together with my first camping experience it was one of the best week of my life. Also because of the company. Wow. Here there were any EU founds so I spent almost 200 Euro with travels, food, camping and festival tickets included. Not so bad deal.
  3. The third stop was not a proper stop but was a little break in Italy, I took the opportunity to spend holiday with family and to discover some new place where I’ve never been. So I spent mostly of the days in Milan, Garda’s lake, and one day in Florence.
  4.  Here we are, almost at the end. The fourth stop was in Poland in the beautiful Tatra Mountains. It was a good week to realax and enjoy the calm mountain life. It was not my first time there but it still a good place where to go and enjoy the nature. Also in this case I had the opportunity to travel completely free because we were there for an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange.  In the way back to Milan I had also the opportunity to have a day in the amazing Berlin, all for free of course!
  5.  The last but not the least stop, here we are Copenaghen+Lomma and Malmo I’ve decided that even if I couldn’t do the Balcans tour in the summer at least I had to check out some country from my list and here we are, Denmark and Sweden. A solo weekend just with my camera and my backpack around these wonderful and modern cities. The budget here was not so big, but with 100 Euro I could manage to spend an amazing weekend.

At the end, I’ve done:

8 countries in 2 months

 More than 10.000 kilometers

with less than 400 Euro.

The End

P. S. A big thanks to all the people who hosted me in these months and who have made this possible. 

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