Best Pulpo á Feira in La Coruña (Galician Style Octopus)

Appearance is not everything. I should remember this more often, why?

Last May, during a 24 hours stay in La Coruña, my challenge was to find the best restaurant where to try this famous Galician Style Octopus.

The first and most difficult task, in this situation, was to identify and avoid the “traps for tourists“.

What is a trap for tourists? These restaurants or bars that are trying to sell the typical specialties with low quality and absurd prices.

How to avoid this places? Internet and websites as TripAdvisor are good tools but, in my opinion, the best way to do it is to ask to locals. So I did, I asked to a friend living there and the result was this:

Pulperia O Fiuza 

As you can see it’s not the fanciest looking restaurant. This is what I meant at the beginning.

If I would have been alone looking for a place where to eat, without asking to some local, I wouldn’t enter this place. I was wrong. Never (almost)  judge a restaurant from the outside. This place is really cool, low prices and high-quality raw materials. Inside this old looking and traditional atmosphere surrounded by local people.

When you enter, you go back in time 20 years to this old looking and traditional atmosphere, surrounded by local people.

The menu is not so big, after all, it is a Pulperia, so the main dish they to is the traditional octopus and people is going there for that. The menu is also offering some other Galician traditional food, 2-3 varieties of cheese and another typical dish based on chili peppers.

As I said before, the two main words inside are simplicity and tradition.

The waiter will explain you the menu by voice, there is no written one. This and the fact that they don’t speak English may be a problem. Google Translator may help you.

The food was amazing. The Pulpo á  Feira is only 9 Euro, it is the tastiest I ever tried. It was no doubt fresh octopus, you could feel it after the first bite. That’s the demonstration that really good food can be also really simple.

The starters were good also, not at the level of the Pulpo but still interesting.

The overall, Pulpo+ 3 shared starters and a beer (Estrella Galicia, of course) were only 15 euro. Crazy deal!

This place is definitely a must if you are in La Coruña or you passing by.

P.S. They not accept cards

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