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The Milan you DON’T know

The Duomo? The Vittorio Emanuele Gallery? The Navigli?

I’ve been living in Milan for 11 months now, often I had friends visiting me. Their first question was always “Where can I find the toilet?” then there was always a “What I need to absolutely see in Milan?”

Last week, I tried to answer that question from my friend Luca, he is a YouTuber that came in the city to make a video about the best place to visit in Milan.But this time the answer was completely different.

Why not visit the places that are not well known?!

So we decided to pick three places. The selection was based on the most common question that people do when they arrive in Milan:

  • “How can I see all the city in an afternoon or without walking hours?”

Easy, the Branca Tower. Located in the middle of the Simplon Park, this tower allows you to have a panoramic 360° view of the city from 98 meters above the ground. Price? 5 Euro for a 6 minutes visit.

  • “Is it true that to have an aperitivo in the center of Milan you need to spend a lot?”

No. The Ostello Bello Hostel is the favorite destination for low-cost travelers and university students. The atmosphere is super friendly and relaxed and for the price of a Spritz (5 euro), u can enjoy a nice buffet for free.

  • ” It is true that Milan is a chaotic city and that everybody is stressed?”

Yes. But it’s not hard to find places that could be defined as “heaven’s corners” where to relax and enjoy the nature. Our favorite, in this afternoon tour, was a park at the bottom of the Vertical Forest that we renamed as “horizontal forest”. From there, you could enjoy the architectonic beauty of the Gae Aulenti square lying on the grass inside a green oasis.

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