From Istanbul to Paris: The European Sustainable Tour

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
To promote this event I just launched my new project: A European Sustainable Tour, from Istanbul to Paris
To be full green, I will set a maximum limit of CO2 to not overtake. I will analyze the emission of every single transport (bus, ferry, train, bike etc.)  I will use, in order to compare them and to prove which is the less impacting one.
I will document how the cities, in which I will pass, are responding to climate change and what they are doing to contrast it.
My goal is to document the beauties that could be found on this trip and promote sustainable traveling. Moreover, I believe this could become a big awareness campaign.
The tour will start from Istanbul passing by Sofia, Skopje, Podgorica, Bari, Tropea, Naples, Milan the arrival city will be Paris.
There will be a live journal here on the blog and on the socials, in order to make you part of this experience.

The European Sustainable tour will start the 16 of August 2017

Stay tuned, soon I will announce what are the best travel gears for Summer 2017, and the one I will bring with me during the Tour.
Follow me on Instagram @GiovFranco in order to support me and not to miss any single moment.
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