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The Sportiva Bag, the minimalist daypack. Review

Are you looking for a minimalist and durable backpack?

I may have the one for you.

Some time ago, I wrote about 24 Bottles and their sustainable bottles (here is the post). They did another great job, again, with the Sportiva Bag. 

The Sportiva Bag is a durable backpack, without frippery. The materials are great. The backpack is water resistant and it feels really solid, ready for the everyday use.

There are several colors available. I choose the Militar Green because it makes the Sportiva even more minimalist.

The capacity of the main compartment is 20 liters, perfect for 24 hours of use. Inside, it is possible to store a laptop of up to 17″. One of the biggest negative points is the lack of any space division inside the backpack. If you are taking with you something fragile is better to cover it with some protection.

There are two side pockets, where you could store two water bottles or a water bottle and a camera tripod (or other stuff), as I do. The quality of this pocket is not like the rest of the backpack, the quality of the materials seems cheaper.

Some specs:
Capacity: 20 liters
Weight: 394 grams
Base: Ø 23 cm
Height: 50 (average closed roll-top) cm
Pockets: 13,5 x 22 cm

The handles are really simple and easy to adjust, they are made from regenerated cotton. If you consider the size of the daypack and the maximum capacity, they are pretty comfortable.

The roll-top closing system is nice looking but, sometimes, not so practical.

One of the positive aspects, not common in all the daypacks, is the possibility to wash it in the washing machine (cold).

Price?  49 Euro. I guess at 10-15 euro less would have been perfect. You can buy it on the 24 Bottles website.

I have some discount code for my readers:

24HUNDRED: 20% off and free shipping for orders of more than 150 euro

24OFF10: 10% off on any order


I like this backpack because is light, agile and really durable. Thanks to the minimalist design it is possible to roll it up and bring it always with you in your luggage.

PRO                                                                                      CONS

     Materials                                                     X    No internal separation

    Water resistant                                           X   Shapeless

    Lightweight                                                 X  Weak external pockets

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