T-Gears: The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle.

How much money are you wasting, while abroad, buying water bottles?

In average, the price of a bottle of water is going from a minimum of 1,50 to a maximum of 4,50 euro.

While exploring a new city, your water consumption is generally higher than when you’re home. So basically, you can easily spend more than 5 euro/day just for water. Crazy, right? In a trip of a week, you will spend more than 40 euro.

Is money not your problem? Well, at least you should know that 80 grams (0,08Kg) are the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere for the production of a single-use plastic bottle. Don’t worry, I’m not proposing you to give up water.

My suggestion is to bring with you a refillable water bottle.


Indeed, the most expensive place where to buy a bottle of water is an airport. People doesn’t know that most of the times airports are provided with internal water fountains, so you could just fill up your water bottle at the fountain for free. It means 3-4 euro saved every time you’re flying. (Around cities is even easier to find public fountains)

Moreover, you’ll stop polluting the cities with your empty plastic bottles!

If you are looking for a nice looking and eco-friendly water bottle, my suggestion is:


It is an Italian design brand with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a collection of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel solutions for daily hydration on the go. They offer different design style, from classic to modern.

Their Urban Bottle 500ml, from raw materials to production, packaging, and transport, releases  543,3 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of the production of just 6,46 plastic bottles of the same volume.

The 500ml bottle from 24Bottles is starting at 19 euro. Here you can check all the prices and colors.
You will be able to save money, save the environment and buy a design piece at the same time!

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