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The Sportiva Bag, the minimalist daypack. Review

Are you looking for a minimalist and durable backpack? I may have the one for you. Some time ago, I wrote about 24 Bottles and their sustainable bottles (here is the post). They did another great job, again, with the Sportiva Bag.  The Sportiva Bag is a durable backpack, without frippery. The materials are great. The […]

Best Travel Gear: March 2017

Hey there! Starting a new project: every month I will post a selection of travel gear that could be useful abroad. Here is the one of March 2017: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Have with you all the books you want! Decide which book to carry with you in the next travel could be hard. They will finish […]

T-Gears: The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle.

How much money are you wasting, while abroad, buying water bottles? In average, the price of a bottle of water is going from a minimum of 1,50 to a maximum of 4,50 euro. While exploring a new city, your water consumption is generally higher than when you’re home. So basically, you can easily spend more […]

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