Best Travel Gear: March 2017

Hey there!

Starting a new project: every month I will post a selection of travel gear that could be useful abroad.

Here is the one of March 2017:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Have with you all the books you want! Decide which book to carry with you in the next travel could be hard. They will finish to take space in your luggage or to make it heavier. Now you can carry them all, in just 200 grams! To celebrate the Dads’ day, Amazon is giving 30 euro of discount on his Kindle. You can buy it for 99,90 instead of 129,90. Amazon Italia 99,90 euro; Amazon UK 109,99£;
  • N26 Black Card: I wrote an article about the advantages of the N26 Black bank account (N26 Bank Account). It’s something you may want to have with you during your trips.
  • Sony RX100 V: This is one of the best compact cameras you could get at a reasonable price (still expensive). I am testing it, soon the full review will be online. So far, I can say is way better than a smartphone camera. The quality of the photos and videos is incredible. The best part is that it will easily fit in your pocket!  Amazon Italia 1077 euro; Amazon UK 973£.
  • Octopus tripod: This useful tripod will allow you to stick your camera in any place! It is compatible even with all the action cameras. The price is only 4,30 euro for the black/orange version. 6 INCH TRIPOD 4,44 EURO
  • Power bank 13400 mah Lumsing: If you are traveling or just working all day long, at some point you’ll need to give juice to your devices. Plugs are not so easy to find, or you just don’t have the time to stay and wait for your smartphone to charge. For this reason, my suggestion is to always keep in your bag one of this. It full charges up to 4 times your phone! This power bank is coming with a led torch and 2 USB output, in this way you could charge more than 1 device at a time. It’s starting at 15 euro on Amazon Italy or 10,99£ on Amazon UK
  • USB to Type C cable 3mt ICZI: As said before, you never know where the next USB plug could be. Just to be sure that you’ll able to connect your phone on it take with you this 3 meters cable. It is covered with nylon to make it indestructible. Here you can find a set of cables of different dimensions for 15 euro! Amazon Italy; Amazon UK.
  • RAVPower USB Wall Charger: No description needed, the name says everything. Two USB outputs 28W. Amazon Italy 10 euro; Amazon UK 12£.
  • Urban Bottle by 24Bottles: Get hydrated with style and respect the environment! Some time ago, I wrote an article about these bottles, you can find it here: The eco-friendly water bottle. Find the perfect design for you at 24Bottles Store. A coupon of 10% for my readers: 24OFF10


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