Europe to Miami, for only 250 Euro!

Intercontinental low-cost flights are finally here!

Of course, I had to try: I’ve booked a trip of one week from Milan to Miami for 250 euro, two ways.



From Milan to Cologne 25 euro, both ways with Ryanair. Of course, you can reach Cologne from lots of destinations with similar prices. Extreme cheap flights inside Europe are not a news.

Then, I found an amazing deal, 225 euro, two ways, with EuroWings from Cologne to Miami International.

A little more than 100 euro each way. Why so amazing? Usually, intercontinental flights cost around 400-500 euro, both ways.

What to expect during a 10 hours low-cost flight?

Well, not much to be honest. Inside the Airbus A330, Eurowings will charge you for anything. In the Basic fare, you’ll have included just free water, no meal, and one carry-on luggage.

The seats are more comfortable than the short-range low-cost airlines, don’t expect a business seat but you’ll rest well. The onboard entertainments are 9,90 euro for flight, so my suggestion is to download (legally) everything you think you’ll need to watch in 10 hours before to board. The catalog is not so big, there are a couple of new movies and new series, way more classics than premiere. The contents are available only in German/English.

You could buy the smart fare, for 50 euro more. In my opinion is not a big deal, your trip won’t be any more low-cost. The smart fare is including just food (one warm meal and one cold) and another luggage. The food on board doesn’t look so good/premium, but don’t worry, in Cologne/Bonn airport there is a big/cheap supermarket inside the terminal 1. Just buy some food there before the security checks.

Internet connection is available on board, it starts at 4 euro for just Whatsapp texts (no photos/videos and no Socials) up to 10-15 euro for the Business pack, to have access to emails and other socials.

The hostess provides you free water for the whole trip, at least!

End of Part One.

What to do in Miami?

Stay tuned, the article:

Onehundredfourtyfour hours (on budget) in Miami is coming soon!


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