best green hostel skopje

Best Green Hostel in Skopje, 2017 Edition? Skopje Hostel!

Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, is not a big city but it has a lot to offer to visitors.

For this reason, it has been one of the stops of my  The Sustainable European Tour

During my stay in the city, I have been hosted by the Skopje Hostel. A modern and small hostel in the heart of the city:

Location  5/5

best green hostel skopje

The hostel is located right in the middle of the city, few steps away from the famous Triumph Arch. As I said before, the city is not so big, for this reason from the hostel is really easy to reach the main landmark points.

The centre is full of restaurants and bars, it won’t be hard to find a lovely place where to have a drink or a dinner.

The bus station is 15 minutes of walk away.

Rooms 3.5/5

best green hostel skopje

There are just two 6-bedrooms in the hostel. The two bunk beds provide a good privacy thanks to their structure and tend coverage.

Inside the rooms, there are several lockers, they are too small to fit a cabin bag luggage. But, they are good to store your valuables.

The low score in this category is due to the only and biggest problem: the presence of one bathroom for all the guests. In the busy hours, you will have a lot to use it. When the hostel is fully booked, there will be 12 people using a single toilet, this may be really uncomfortable.

Cleanness 4.5/5

No shoes in the room, that’s the rule. Really helpful rule to keep the cleanness level really high. A good advantage of a small hostel is that they can clean everything, every day. The rooms were dust-free and really clean.

Even if it had to serve 12 people the toilet was quite clean during all the day. Not bad.

best green hostel skopje


Atmosphere 4/5

The common kitchen/living room is a perfect melting pot: you will be able to meet and talk with all the guests, really useful especially if you are travelling alone. The dimensions of the hostel are helpful to create a nice atmosphere. Inside, it reminded me more a big Airbnb house than a proper hostel, but it’s not a negative point.

The overall atmosphere is really relaxed and friendly.

Services 3,5/5

There is no reception so you should contact the owner to come and pick you up, but he is really gentle so it won’t be a problem.

In the common kitchen, you could find some free tea/coffee and free maps of the city. Except this, the hostel doesn’t provide any specific service (like laundry etc.).

best green hostel skopje


Green Score  4/5

The Hostel has been created from a big apartment located in a bock. For this reason,  the energy efficiency and consumption are in line with the domestic level. That’s really helpful to reduce the waste and the emissions.

best green hostel skopje



Best Green Hostel in Skopje?

Yes, as said before, thanks to its reduced dimensions the hostel is efficient with a reduced amount of energy waste. It can be considered one of the best hostel in the city, if not the best. The best value of the hostel is indeed the location.

P.S. It has a 9.8 score on Booking.


The price for a bed is a 6-bed dormitory is 10 Euro person/night, it is in line with the other hostels of the city.


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