The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour: reinvent your way of traveling

The Desert Adventure Photo TourThe first big news of the year is here guys, after the Desert Road Trip in Israel of last year I’m delighted to announce that thanks to the cooperation with Wild-Trails we just launched a series of Desert Adventure Photo Tours. The tours will offer you the possibility to discover the authentic side of the middle-east.

Tired of the “normal” Desert Tours? Join us!

The activities are studied for photography lovers, with a series of Professional Workshops on Travel Photography that will be held directly on the field and several Tips on how to boost your Instagram Page. But not only, in fact, this tour will also allow you to discover the Desert from a completely different perspective. Forget the “commercial tours” with Camels ride and other touristic activities, our plan is to lead you to the Alternative side of the desert. Making this adventure the most epic, exclusive and sustainable possible. In fact, thanks to our special agreement with the local communities we will be able to see the daily life of the Bedouins and to enter between the Fences in one of the biggest conflicts of our time. Where Israeli and Palestinian people are living together peacefully. Moreover, we’ll discover a Salt Cave and even swim in a Natural Pool situated in the middle of the Negev Desert.

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

What’s Included in The Desert Adventure Photo Tour?

The tour schedule is created to maximise every single moment of our trip and it will include the following activities:

  • Salt Caving Adventure

Ready for some Salt Caving in the Dead Sea? This extreme Salt Caving Adventure is designed for outdoor and adventure lovers. We will explore the Salt Caves of Mount Sodom crawling in the hearth of the mountains to admire and shot pictures of this incredible natural beauties. The adventure will be assisted from Professional Guides. No worries, no experience is needed to take part in this adventure.

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

  • Unfiltered Culture Tour: a day with Palestinian Bedouin Shepherds 

We will hike on the peak of the rocky Mount Hebron, to admire the stunning view of the Desert from the top and to live an unfiltered cultural experience. In fact, we will have a glimpse into the daily life of the Palestinian Bedouins, explore the places where they live and work and enjoy a cup of the famous Bedouin tea while listening to centuries of stories and traditions.

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

  • Behind the Fence: an exclusive Conflict Tour in the West Bank 

We do not believe in Borders and in our opinion cultural exchange, trough this kind of experiences is the only way to connect people. That is why we would like to take you into the real West Bank where the Israeli and Palestinian are neighbours. Only by interacting with both sides will be possible to discover the reason and the problem of the conflict. The tour will be led by Gilad Sade, an expert in travel to conflict zones all over the world.

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

  • Sunset Hike and Dinner

Is there anything more fascinating than the Desert by night? No noise, no chaos and no lights around you just you, the desert and the sky full of stars. We created the perfect environment for a Night Photo Workshop. Who will take the best sky picture?

hitchhiking dead sea

  • Sunrise at Masada & Desert Pool Hike

The Sunrise in Masada will be one of that experiences that you will remember for a long time. The fortress is located on the top of a rock that is facing the Jordan Moab Mountains and the Dead Sea.  From the Masada fortress, it is possible to experience an incredible sunrise with the sun coming up from the back of the Jordanians Mountains and its light spreading slowly through the Dead Sea valley. After the Sunset it will be possible to visit Masada and coming back we will stop along the path and enter the desert where there is a “secret” pool and we will have the opportunity to swim in the Desert.

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

Additional Information

This tour is a pilot project, for this reason, the total cost is slightly reduced. Moreover, for all the length of the Tour, we will be based in the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel in Arad, Israel.

The Cost of The Desert Adventure Photo Tour is of 470€

The price includes:

  • 4 Nights + Breakfast in the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel
  • Salt Caving Adventure
  • Unfiltered Culture Tour
  • Behind the Fence: West Bank Tour
  • Sunset Hike and Dinner 
  • Sunrise in Masada & Desert Pool Hike
  • Professional Travel Photography Workshops on the Field
  • Professional Social Media Photography Workshops


The Price does not include:

  • Lunch & 2 Dinners
  • Car Transport
  • Entrance ticket for Masada
  • Flights
  • All that is not contained in the voice “The Price Includes”

For more information please contact me at info@thesustainabletour.com

The Desert Adventure Photo Tour

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