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Alternative Berlin: The Green Side of the City

Tired of AlexanderPlatz and the other “usual” sights of the city full of tourist? Welcome to Alternative Berlin a guide that will help you to discover the Green side of the city.

In the last couple of years, I had several times the opportunity to visit Berlin and to discover the “hidden soul” of the city.  Like any other tourist the first time I visited the city, I didn’t know anything about Berlin, so I’ve only been able to “scratch” the surface of the city. Visit after visit, I started to discover new neighbourhoods and, thanks to some locals, I got to see the city from a new perspective, appreciating its dynamic atmosphere and its Green Soul. Inside this short guide, I will share with you my favourite tools, places and activities to enjoy Berlin as much as possible.

Alternative Berlin: Tools

Let’s start with the tools, actually the tool because it is just one:

Alternative Berlin

What’s the most Sustainable way to enjoy Berlin like a local? Using public transport, of course. If you are visiting the city for more than one day the Berlin WelcomeCard is the perfect solution for you. In fact, with an expense of 20€ (48 hours) or 47€ (6 days) will allow you to travel with the city public transport as much as you want (included the airport transfers). Moreover, included in the prices there are discounts for the attractions and almost all the Museums of the city. The Berlin WelcomeCard packs include also a city guide and a map. Compared to the single price of the tickets, it is indeed a great deal.

Alternative Berlin: Places

There are many places in Berlin that I discovered in the last years, but there are two of them that I really liked a lot:

  • Tempelhof Dismisses Airport

Alternative Berlin

My favourite place of the city. An ex-airport that now became the largest public park of the city. It is open every-day from 6 am until the sunset. And, if you are looking for a place where to enjoy a walk and relax or to admire a stunning sunset this is the place for you. Riding a bike or skating on an airstrip is the dream of many travelers and here it can become true. A must see in Berlin!

  •  Holzmarkt

Alternative Berlin

Looking for the best place where to enjoy a coffee, beer or to have a bite? The Holzmarkt is an entire area full street arts, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants made up of wood and recycled objects. What’s the best part? Holzmarkt is located on the riverside, few of walk minutes away from the Eastside Gallery. Have you ever thought to enjoy a beer with friends sitting in a waterfront while watching a stunning sunset and listening to some live music in Berlin? No? Here you can!

Alternative Berlin: Activities

  • GreenMe Berlin Tour

Alternative Berlin

A tour made by locals that will provide you with the best possible view of Berlin’s Green Scene. Curious? This tour is the perfect activity to have a half day/daily exploration of the best neighbourhoods having the chance to see them as a local, by getting to know all the stories and the curiosities. During my last Sustainable EurAsiatic Tour, I had the opportunity to take part in one of the tours and explore the Green Scene of Kreuzberg, one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods of the city. GreenMe Berlin is not only tours, their website is also offering a detailed map with all the best green locations of the city. You should check it out!

Berlin is among the greenest cities in the world in many aspects, but one of the most important is the mentality and the awareness of the people. Berliners are caring for the environment and they are trying to change the things and they are feeding the Green soul of the city.

These are my tips to discover the Alternative Berlin, hope you will like them. If you have tips or suggestions for more places, please let me know. I am really willing to expand this guide and who knows to create a 2.0 version.

Alternative Berlin

A big thanks to Visit Berlin Office, for the support in creating this guide.

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