Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

The best low-cost travel tripod? Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

For every travel photographer, the tripod is among all the travel gears, the one that is always generating troubles. Especially when packing, if you are travelling with carry-on only, you always think twice if to use that spare space and weight with a tripod or just use it to store more clothes or lenses. During the last years, I have always been travelling with small tripods such as a GorillaPod or even without one. Until when, recently I have started developing a passion for night photography and this requires to always have with you a tripod. Browsing on Amazon, among the most popular tripods I came across the Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer. A tripod designed for travel. Will it be worth 80€? Here is the Geekoto Travel Tripod Review!

geekoto travel tripod review

Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

Technical Specs

The Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer is an aluminium travel tripod that can hold up to 8 kg (so not only mirrorless) and it can reach a maximum height of 2 meters. When closed, the tripod is pretty compact and it can close up to 48 cm. A suitable dimension. easy to place it inside a trolley or to tight it outside your travel backpack and carry it always with you. Like the other travel tripods that could be found on the web, it offers several other features such as a removable and fast release camera plate. But not only, in fact, the Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer could be used also as a monopod. When it is in the monopod mode the max height that can be reached is up to 2,08 meters. The process of conversion is not so fast and smooth as it may be with other premium tripods, but for the price that this tripod is sold, this extra feature is indeed really useful.

One of the features I liked most of this tripod is the 360° head, really helpful for panoramas and landscape shots. Even for videos, I found this tripod really intuitive and easy to use. Oh yes, the final weight, including the head, is of 1,53 kg.

Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

 Everyday/Travel Usage

I have been taking this tripod in some of my trips in the past month and I have to say that if compared with the most famous ones such as Manfrotto etc. the differences are really small. First of all, the aluminium gives that extra weight which is missing in some of the premium tripods, which are mainly made in carbon fibre. The opening/closing process is pretty smooth and fast, this is crucial while travelling and when you want to move from one spot to another. Moreover, in this case, the process is really similar to the premium tripods and it is way better than the cheaper alternatives that could be found on Amazon. Closing the tripod is as well a no effort and smooth process. A key point of the Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer is the multitude of features and combinations of use. Landscape shot, portrait, panoramic and time-lapse, you will be to do everything with one tripod and without the need for additional accessories. Moreover, as I said before it can also be used as a Monopod that, while doing some treks, it may be really useful.

Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

The ultimate Travel Tripod?

So is this the ultimate travel tripod? Not yet. I would easily sacrifice a bit of the height in order to have a more compact tripod that could better fit a travel backpack. Moreover, the weight may be also a problem for longer walks or longer trips only with the backpack, 1,53 kg is a good amount of weight to carry around for a day. Hence, the Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer is one of the best tripods that I had the chance to try so far, especially considering the price. Premium tripods with the same characteristics may be sold also for 200-250€ meanwhile this can be found on Amazon for only 75€. Definitely the best tripod for the propotion quality/price you can find at the moment!

Geekoto AT24Pro Dreamer Travel Tripod Review


  • Price
  • 360° Head
  • Monopod
  • Usability
  • Quick release


  • Dimensions
  • Weight

Geekoto Travel Tripod Review

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