Travelers WIFI Review

T-Gears: Be online, everywhere! Travelers WiFi Review

Day after day we are getting more used to share every single moment of our lives. While travelling, the need to share is amplified from the desire to share with our friends our travel stories and our journeys. For this reason, now more than ever we need to be online during our trips. A new T-Gear comes to help us to be online everywhere: Travelers WIFI. Here you can find the full review of this innovative service:

Travelers WIFI Review

Travelers WIFI is a connectivity service based in Switzerland. An innovative company born to help digital travelers or business travelers to be online at any time of their journeys. The service is easy to understand and to use: select the pickup and return dates, the delivery address home/hotel/office and within two working days you will receive your pocket Travelers WIFI router. The router doesn’t need any configuration, easily plug and play… and you will be online!

Travelers WIFI Review

Travelers WIFI service offers three different packages:

  • Switzerland

This package is made for travelers that are willing to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland. For a week in the mountains or just a weekend close to nature, this package will offer you the possibility to stay connected without any data restriction.

  • Global

The global package will allow you to be online in more than 100 countries worldwide. No data limit, no restrictions, you will be able to share every moment of your trips from all over the world. (*Travelers Wifi offers unlimited data, including 2GB high-speed data per day. After you have reached the 2GB, the speed will be throttled until the next calendar day.)

How to return the device? Easy! The box of Travelers WIFI comes with a prepaid return envelope. Place the device inside and drop the box at any post office, rental location or any post mailbox. No extra fee, no extra worries. The device will be shipped automatically back to Travelers WIFI headquarters.

Travelers WIFI Review

To test the effective use of the service, I took it with me in two trips:

  1. A 96 hours business trip in Berlin

  2. An immersive week in Lithuanian’s forests

96 hours business trip in Berlin

Travelers WIFI review

Last March, I’ve been in Berlin to attend the ITB Travel Exposition and the Berlin Travel Festival, an intense weekend where to discover new travel destination and to start a new exciting collaboration. During the three days, I had the need to get online from the laptop to check emails, to present my projects, my videos and my photos. Having the Travelers WIFI router in the backpack was a huge advantage. Thanks to the almost 10 hours battery, I have been able to stay online all day long, from early morning until late afternoon, without problems. The connection speed, even in busy areas, proved to be stable and decently fast.

Travelers WIFI Review

Immersive week in Lithuanian’s forests

Travelers WIFI review

Two days after Berlin it has been the time for Lithuania, not anymore a busy conference center or an urban environment but a frozen lake and a forest. For such a long stay, to have a stable internet connection it’s really important. Not only for sharing on social media, but also for work and productivity on the go. Even if the hotel was located in the middle of a forest, I never had signal problems with Travelers WIFI, it performed as well as in Berlin. Good speed,  stable connection and really good battery life.


Travelers WIFI is a service that was missing, it proved to be reliable and is offering an easy to use and stable internet connection that may be fundamental during business or leisure journeys. The loan price is not the strongest point, but for the number of countries covered it is reasonable. Inside European Union, my 4G network had a faster connection speed. But is outside Europe that this device may become a must-have in your backpack/luggage. For this reason, I’m really curious to do a Global Travelers WIFI review in future.

         Pro                                                                  Cons

+ Plug and Play                          – Multiple device management

+ Long Battery life                       – 2 GB global data daily/limit

+ Pocket Size                               – Limited speed connection


Get your Travelers WIFI here

Travelers WIFI review

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