Cabin Max Melbourne review

Best under 50€ Travel Backpack? Cabin Max Melbourne Review

After the positive review of the Cabin Max Ontario of last year, my curiosity went on the new backpack of Cabin Max: A premium-looking backpack, for digital/business people, that is sold for less than 50€. Here there is the Melbourne Advanced Travel Backpack review:

Cabin Max Melbourne Review

The Cabin Max Melbourne is a 38 litres capacity advanced backpack, with a series of smart and professional gears that are making it one of the most interesting digital/business travel backpack under 50€.

Here there are some technical specifications:

  • Cabin approved dimensions (55x35x20cm) suitable carry-on for most airline
  • Lockable 38 litre main compartment
  • Primary materials: UV-coated twill and Faux Suede
  • Packaway backpack, waist and sternum straps
  • Showerproof (resistant to medium-intense rain)
  • Laptop and Tablet pockets

cabin max melbourne review

One of the first things that you will notice in this backpack is the particular design, with external materials not common to any other backpack. The soft feeling of the faux suede exterior shell is very particular and rare for a Travel Backpack. It may be not super glamorous or fancy, but for sure it will make heads turn.


The Cabin Max Melbourne is divided into 2 main compartments:

  • Business/Tech compartment

Cabin Max Melbourne review

Located in the rear panel of the backpack, it features both Laptop (up to 15,6 inches) and Tablet/Kindle soft pocket. It provides plenty of pockets ideal to store all the office and tech accessories. I could fit inside without any problem, both my agenda and my notebook plus all my power banks and the cables/adaptators and of course my 13,3″ Laptop, really impressive! The compartment is lockable, this will keep your important items safe. Speaking of safety, at the bottom of the rear panel there is a smart “secret pocket” with RIFD protection to store in a safe place your passport or your wallet.

  • Main front compartment

Cabin Max Melbourne review

The main compartment is divided into two sub-compartments: one provided with compression system, where to store bigger items such as jackets, jumper or suit. It also features two pockets for smaller objects such as ties, socks and underwear. The second and the biggest one have the shape of a classic trolley. Inside, you will be able to fit clothing and other elements such as shoes and slippers, for trips of 4-5 days. It is located in the external section of the Cabin Max Melbourne and this may be a bit uncomfortable because all the main weight will be far from your back.

Due to the particular division of the compartments, the backpack seems smaller than it really is. You will be able to use all the 38 Liters capacity just if you are used to pack in an organised way, by using packing cubes (Cabin Max is selling excellent packing cubes) or by rolling your clothing.

Cabin Max Melbourne review



Going to the conclusions of this Cabin Max Melbourne review, if you are looking for a carry-on backpack for business trips or if you are a digital traveller the Cabin Max Melbourne is the backpack for you.

The backpack is comfortable if you need to walk short distances, for example the one between a train station and a hotel, but for a long walk, it may become uncomfortable.

One of the few negative aspects I could find in this backpack is the lack of an external mesh pocket where to store a water bottle or a tripod.

The inside structure of the compartments along with the building quality seems to be cheap and fragile, but it is impossible to find anything better at this price level. Moreover, I feel pretty comfortable to say that there is no better Travel “Business/Tech” Backpack on sale for 49€ shipping included.

Cabin Max Melbourne review



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