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Best Travel Shoes? Lizard Urban Kross Mid M

When you are traveling often, and especially on carry-on only, a problem arises: how many pairs of shoes do you want to bring with you? One or Two? When space is limited, everything has an impact on the luggage/backpack.

That’s why from some time, I’ve been looking for the best travel shoes, suitable for winter when conditions such as rain and snow are always an issue. Finally, last December, I discovered Lizard Footwears and the best travel shoes to include in the T-Gears category: the Lizard Kross Urban Mid M.

Lizard Footwear

best travel shoes lizard urban kross mid m

Lizard is an Italian brand, that is born and produced in Trento, outdoor shoes for any season. The particularity of this brand is the maximum quality of the components and the technological innovation that they use during the manufacturing process, with the ultimate goal to create the perfect shoes for nature lovers.

Best Travel Shoes?

In the last 3 months, I had the opportunity to test the Lizard Kross Urban M in all my trips/adventures. From the Israeli desert to rainy Ireland, they have been impeccable. Here there are the 4 tests that I took into consideration to review this pair of shoes:

Hiking in the Desert

best travel shoes lizard urban kross mid m

During my weekend in Israel, I had the opportunity to explore the desert. The shoes turned out to be really reliable both going up on the hills, between rocks and sand, and down. The grip given by the Vibram sole is making these shoes perfect both for the urban environment and for some light hike.

Urban Environment

best travel shoes lizard urban kross mid m

I used the Urban Kross M also in my adventures in Dublin and in Berlin. Two winter trips that have been dominated by bad weather conditions, like rains and wind. This has not been a problem for the shoes, that always kept my feets dry and warm, even if they resulted to be a bit slippery in the city environment. I’ve walked for more than 20 km in Berlin in one day and the shoes were always comfortable thanks to the natural position of the feet and their flexibility.

Snow in Milan

I wanted to try the shoes in the everyday life, so in the context of snowy Milan, I used them to walk around the city and to understand their comfort, even with low temperatures. The result was more than positive, the Lizard Kross Urban M have been always really warm and comfortable in any occasion, but the most important they always keep your feet dry. A negative aspect to underline, especially in the everyday life, is the difficulty to tighten the laces of the shoes, sometimes it may require a bit of time and patience.

What to say more, these shoes were a surprise for me. They resulted in being really enduring and resistant in any situation, even for the one they were not designed for.

Only one pair of shoes

best travel shoes lizard urban kross mid m

The problem I had at the beginning is solved thanks to Lizard Urban Kross Mid M. Their capacity to perform well in any situation is indeed a plus, and they will allow you to safe space in your luggage/backpack by bringing with you just one pair of shoes. Even if the Lizard Urban Kross Mid M are not fashionably attractive, they resulted to be the best shoes that a traveler can wear to explore a new destination.

Comfort 4,5/5

Quality of the Materials 4,5/5

Price 4,5/5

Resistance 5/5





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