My 2017: 80.000 km, 20 Countries and 3 Continents. Travel in a Smart and Sustainable way.

The end of the year is the moment to make some evaluation about our objectives and goals for the upcoming year.

In order to understand if my last year was positive or not, I always rely on numbers, especially the one of my trips.

As Travel Addict as I am, every year I set goals such as new countries or a new continent to visit, but also a minimum number of trips to do every year. It’s a tradition. One of the biggest tasks for my 2017 was to start travel sustainable without reducing the number of my trips. Is it possible?

80.000 km in 365 days: 220 km travelled each day!

During my 2017, I traveled for more than:

80.000 km

I started quite early in the year, because I was already abroad for the first of the year to more specific: Dublin. My first trip of the year was on the 6th of January.

After that, I kept a huge average, with 0,70 flights and 1,15 trains for week. 2017 has been the year in which I decided to change my travel style by lowering, when possible, pollution and to adopt a new approach: sustainable travel.

First time in North America

sustainable travel

2017 has been also the year of my first time in the USA, one of my goals, and I accomplishied successfully. In March, in fact, I went to discover Miami. But never I would have imagined, to have the opportunity to visit USA two times in the same year. Thanks to a price error, in September I had the opportunity to visit New York (passing troughToronto) with a flight from Milan that was 150 Euro going and back. Incredible, of course, I did not lose this opportunity!

Not only USA and Canada, during the year I have been in 20 countries, out of which in 7 of the I was for the first time. Increasing the overall total number of the visited countries at 35.

The Sustainable European Tour: From Istanbul to Paris

sustainable travel

It has been also the year of the Sustainable European Tour: from Istanbul to Paris, that allowed me to promote the sustainable travel, crossing Europe with a really low level of CO2 emissions.

A challenging project that gave me satisfaction both personally and professionally; and it has been helpful to make GiovFranco.com. I hope that in 2018, I can replicate this project and make it even bigger.

Sustainable and Smart Travel

sustainable travel

Beyond the tour, I’ve been searching new methods of sustainable travel, not just from the environmental point of view, but also from the economic one. The possibilities to travel in a smart way have incredibly grown for the last years. Travel from Milan to Warsaw with 1 euro both ways, it is something that we could’t even imagine some years ago but I have always believed in this possibility, and it came to me in the last December. At the end, I spent for my 36 flights of 2017 “only” 514 euros, with an average of 14,27 euros for a flight. No more excuses, travel is not just for rich people! In 2018, it is possible to reach any destination without the need to spend a fortune.

Travel helps to exit the comfort zone and to get out of the box.

In conclusion, for the lovers of statistics here are some numbers:

  • 80.000 Km
  • 20 Countries
  • 36 Flights
  • 45 Trains
  • 32 Buses
  • 220 km daily/average
  • Average price of a ticket 14,27 Euros
  • 0,70 flights for week
  • 1,15 trains for week


What about you? How many trips you had last year? Which are your destinations for 2018? Let me know in the comments!

sustainable travel

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