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My 2017: 80.000 km, 20 Countries and 3 Continents. Travel in a Smart and Sustainable way.

The end of the year is the moment to make some evaluation about our objectives and goals for the upcoming year. In order to understand if my last year was positive or not, I always rely on numbers, especially the one of my trips. As Travel Addict as I am, every year I set goals […]

Best Hostel in Istanbul, 2017 Edition: Hanchi Hostel

Hanchi is one of the last entry hostels in Istanbul, but new doesn’t mean lack of experience and of services, in this case, new means plenty of services, affordable prices and good attention to the guests.   Location: 4/5 Located in the middle of the old city, Hanchi offers the best position to enter and […]

Istanbul: the access door of Europe. The Sustainable European Tour, Day 1

Ready, set and go The European Sustainable Tour is finally started. I’ll pass through the Europe starting from one of its main entrance door: Istanbul. This backpack, with its 12 kg, will be my house and my only companion for all the trip. During the Tour, I will post a daily updated travel journal. Extimated […]

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