migliori cammini in Italia

Minute Hacks: Top 3 “Cammini”(Trails) to do in Italy

Welcome back to Minute Hacks! A series of contents that will revolutionise your life in one minute. Have you ever dreamt about doing the CaminodeSantiago? Or you did it already? In both cases, this is the episode for you! We’ll talk about the best Cammini(Trails) in Italy from 45 to 450 of length. ???

Top 3 Cammini in Italy

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Sentiero del Viandante

top cammini in italy

Let’s kick start this episode with maybe one of the most panoramic trekking path of Italy: il Sentiero del Viandante. This path winds along the coast of Como’s Lake for 45 km following the old communication routes between the villages on the coast. The path has some medium-high slopes and it is totally divided in 4 segments. One of the coolest aspects of this trail, is the fact that all the segments are reachable with train, so you can have the opportunity to do just a single fraction of it. Along the path, it is possible to find areas suitable for tent-sleeping and some fountain for a water refill. If you plan to do it during spring, pay attention to the heavy presence of ticks in the vegetation (bring some spray).

Sentiero del Brigante

top cammini in italy

Let’s make a long jump of 1200 km and we are in Calabria, inside the Aspromomente National Park. Here, we can find an exciting path: Il Sentiero del Brigante. This trail is divided in 9 segments for a total length of about 150 km, a path rich of history (several battles of the recent Italian history have been fought along this path) that is entirely crossing the Aspromonte National Park. The whole trail has been recently “renovated” with new signs and more indications, moreover, if you plan in advance you will be also able to find places where to sleep at the end of each segment. The difficulty of this trek is medium-low, but you’ll have to face the “harsh” conditions that are a distinctive trait of those mountains, such as the elevate humidity.

Via Francigena (segment between Lucca and Rome)

top cammini in italy

Let’s finish this top 3 with one of the most famous trail in Europe, after the Camino de Santiago: Via Francigena. This path represents the old way used by templars that during crusades had to reach Jerusalem from the north of Europe. In the specific, I would like to suggest the segment that goes between Lucca and Roma, long about 450 km, as one of the most panoramic of the entire trail. This way is signalised in a very good way and it offers different opportunities for short deviations that will allow you to better discover the regions you are crossing. The difficulty of the trail is kind of low, but it may become really intense as you may get to walk up to 30 km a day.


That’s it! Those were the top 3 cammini in Italy, divided by their length. I believe they are a perfect summary of the diversity of landscapes, places and traditions that could be found in Italy from North to South. Which one would you like to try? Let me know in the comments or write me a DM on Instagram (@giovfranco)


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