Migliori Destinazioni Estate 2020

Minute Hacks: Top Destinations Summer 2020

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As the pandemic explosion of the coronavirus is slowly returning to a normal level, it is time to start planning the holiday season for the summer. That is why, in this episode, we will talk about the top destination for summer 2020. A selection of beautiful and safe destinations.

What are the top destinations for summer 2020?

Destination Portugal

Top Destinations Summer 2020

Portugal is among my favourite European destinations. It could also become the perfect destination for you if you love good food and great nature. Here, it will be really easy to go from the uncontaminated beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the art, culture and nightlife of the major cities. Not to mention the tasty food and cheap life. Portugal is indeed one of the best destinations for its quality/price ratio. Moreover, is one of the countries of the EU with the lowest coronavirus cases, this makes it a perfect destination for Summer 2020!

Destination Georgia

Top Destinations Summer 2020

Among the safest destinations in the European Continent, Georgia is on the top of the rankings. In fact, the total number of covid cases in the country has been really low. Is that not enough to convince you to book a flight? Apart from safety, I really believe that Georgia is one of the most authentic destinations that could be found a few hours of flight from the major European capitals. It hasn’t been discovered yet by mass tourism, so it can be considered still an unpublished and adventurous destination. Also here, the offer is pretty rich: going from the Caucasus Mountains more than 5000 meters high to the beaches on the Black Sea, considered as a summer paradise during the Soviet Union.

Destination South of Italy

Minute Hacks: Top Destinations Summer 2020

The third and last destination is a place everybody must visit once during summer: the south of Italy. Here the covid-19 situation hasn’t been as harsh as in the rest of Italy, making it a pretty safe destination for Summer 2020. Even if you have already been there, believe me, it is plenty of landscapes, cities and food to discover or re-discover.


Those were the best (and safest) destinations for summer 2020, according to me. Of course, it’s plenty of incredible destinations around Europe, like Spain and Cyprus. Where will you go? Let me know in DM (@giovfranco) or in a comment!

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